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Thought for The Day

About Viswamjee
About Viswamjee
Viswamjee's Miss
tree1Universal Message
tree1Almighty Annunciation
tree3Glimpses of the Divine

Service Projects
treeEconomic Aid to Chammalamudi Villagers
treeAid to SC-ST students in Guntur
treeMedical Camps
tree1Economic Aid to Naadimpalem Residents, June 16, 2007
treeEconomic Aid to Naadimpalem Residents, May 10, 2006
tree1Inauguration of church in Naadimpalem
tree1Renovation of a Mosque.
tree3Economic Aid for Traffic Lights in Guntur

Splendour of Viswanagar
tree3Universal Integration Pillar

tree1About VIMS
tree1VIMS Photo Gallery
tree1VIMS Inauguration Pictures

tree3VIMS Inauguration Video

Universal Clarion from Viswanagar
tree3Universal Clarion from Viswanagar : Grouped Year/Month wise

Divine March for Universal Integration
Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace in USA
tree tree3Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2010
tree3Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2009
tree2 tree3 Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2008
tree2 tree3 Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2007
tree2 tree3 Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2006
tree2 tree3 Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2005
tree2 tree3 Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2004
tree2 tree3Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace 2003
tree2Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace in India
tree3Kailash & Manasa Sarovar, June 4 - June 21st 2010
tree2 tree3 Calcutta and Guwahati, February 2010
tree2 tree3 Amarnath, June 2009
tree2 tree3 South India Tour June 2009
tree2 tree3 Delhi Tour 2006
tree2 tree3 North India Tour 2006

Functions in Viswanagar
Birthday Celebrations
tree3Birthday Celebrations 2010
treetree3Birthday Celebrations 2009
ttree3 Birthday Celebrations 2008
ttree3 Birthday Celebrations 2007
tree2tree3 Birthday Celebrations 2006
tree2tree3Birthday Celebrations 2005
tree2tree3Birthday Celebrations 2004
tree2tree3 Birthday Celebrations 2003
tree2tree3 Birthday Celebrations 2002

tree3Guru Poornima
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2010
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2009
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2008
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2007
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2006
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2005
tree2tree3Guru Poornima Celebrations 2004

tree2Datta Jayanthi
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2010
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, 2010, Viswanagar
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2009, Seattle
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2009, Viswanagar
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2008
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2007
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2006
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2005
tree2tree3Datta Jayanthi Celebrations 2004

Whats New
Information on new additions/changes to website.

Devotees Corner

treeSwamiji's Biography.
treeAsthottaram : 108 Names
treeMeaning of Asthottaram.
treeDhanvantari Mantram
treeDevotees Experiences
treePaada Pooja Procedure
Viswa Datta Vratam Story.
treeViswayogi Speaks : Quotes
treeUnity is our Strength, Humanity is our Life : Pledge
treeDevotees Dedication
tree USA Coordinators

Divine Showers
treeText of Swamiji's discourses

Photo gallery

treeDivine March in USA
treeDivine March in India
treeSwamiji Pictures
treeViswanagar Pictures
treeVIMS Pictures

Audio Clips
tree  Audio Clips of Songs sung by Swamiji      

Video Gallery
treeSwamiji Discourses
ttreeSouljourns interview, Ohio, August 2010.
ttreeVision of Viswamandiram, Interview by ITV , New York.
ttreeGandhi Jayanthi Discourse, October 2nd 2010,
ttreeGuru Poornima Discourse, July 25th 2010, New Jersey
Datta Jayanthi Discourses, Nov 29th - Dec 1st 2009, Seattle, WA
ttreeSwamiji's Message at Baker Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
ttree Swamiji's interview on Sri Venketeswara Bhakti Channel, January 31st 2009
ttreeSwamiji's interview on Sri Venketeswara Bhakti Channel, January 25th 2009
ttreeDatta Jayanthi, 2007 - Divine Discourse
ttreeSwamiji's Address to United Nations Youth Assembly, August 13th 2007, New York
ttree Datta Jayanthi, 2006 - Divine Discourse
ttreeVideo clips of Swamiji's interview by ITV, New York, 2006
ttree3Birthday Celebrations, March 5th 2006, Divine Discourse
ttree3Morgan Hill Peace Declaration, City of Morgan Hill, CA
treeVideo Clips of TV Coverages
ttree3TV Asia News Item on October 8th 2010: Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations in Naperville, IL
ttree3 TV9 Coverage of Datta Jayanthi Celebrations in California, December 2010
ttree3TV9 News Coverage, October 20th 2010
ttree3TV Asia Program on Swamiji's Press conference in Chicago, July 5th 2009

Voluntary Contributions

Contact Swamiji





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