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Sri Viswamjee and His Mission


Bhagwan Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee's mission is to make peace attainable and spirituality, a realised reality and objective of humanity

On March 5th 2003 Swamji’s physical body completed 59 years of divine existence and stepped into the 60th year. It was on this auspicious day that Swamiji declared his “Divine March Declaration” for Universal Integration & Peace. Swamiji also declared the year until March 5th 2004 as the year for Universal Integration & Peace. America is a super power and India is emerging into a super power in the near future. So both the countries will have to play an important role for bringing peace on this earth. With the idea of bringing the two countries together and to spread his message of love and peace Swamiji has been visiting United States of America for the past few years.

His teachings are inspired by God and provide respect for all religions. An interesting aspect of his discussion is how ALL RELIGIONS can utilize the process of Universal Integration.

According to Swamiji “all religions are one and that there is only one God for everyone.” For example, Viswamanava Samaikyata Samsat, a non-profit organization in India, that was founded to carry out Swamiji’s mission, constructed a new church for worship by the Christian population in the rural area of Naadimpalem in Andhra Pradesh, India.

With the idea of providing medical facilities to the poor people in remote rural areas it is Swamiji's will that a supers speciality hospital that provides completely free service be consructed in Viswanagar. Swamiji’s vision of “HEALTH FOR ALL” will become a reality with the completion of the construction of a super specialty hospital in Viswanagar, India, which provides totally free medical services to everyone in the rural areas of India. Even as the hospital is still being constructed thousands of families are benefiting from the monthly medical camps and follow up services that are already being provided by specialist doctors under the divine guidance of Swamiji.

Sri Viswamjee proclaims that self-realisation is the best realisation. He means to say that God resides in you which you must realise through Sadhana. With such a blessed realisation they can achieve an identity of purpose which props human welfare. Eventually one world consciousness can be fostered. This alone is the only way to establish one world family. This must be the ultimate aim of mankind, where all God's creation can live in peace, harmony and prosperity. The science and art of Divinity, divine living and spirituality have to be madea way of life for every human person on earth. Thus everyone may be made to realise how efficacious spiritual living is, to mould men as citizens of the world. This is Sri Viswamjee's solemn aim. He vows to develop five fold enlightenment in every human being namely

  • Self Confidence
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Self Enlightenment
  • Self Sacrifice

Living for others is thus learnt by every person through the practice of these eternal values in everyday and everybody's life.




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