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Divine March 2005 - Pictures


Swamiji reached Seattle on the August 24th 2005 to continue on His Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace. On this ocassion He gave a call to the intellectuals urging them to join Him in His mission.

SWAMIJI'S DIVINE CALL, August 24th 2006

In this “Paarthiva nama Samvatsara” (name of the current year, as per the Hindu calendar), one should think of the “prithvi”(earth). Mother Earth is combination of the five elements or panchabhutas (sky, wind, fire, water and earth). The Human body is also the combination of the five elements or panchabhutas Wherever we are, the Mother earth is our Mother and we are indebted to it, and it is our first and foremost duty to keep the earth safe, by maintaining  the balance of the five elements. In reality all of us have five mothers namely mother universe, Mother earth, Motherland, Cow or Gomatha, and the mother who has given us birth. If we pray to, serve, love and keep these five mothers free from pollution then the world will be an abode of divine bliss (Aananda Nilayam) and an abode of peace (Prashanti nilayam).

 We are ignoring and neglecting the base of all the nations, the base of all human races i.e. Mother earth. We are ignoring mother earth, which is the base for all these nations. We are also ignoring and neglecting mother universe, motherland, the holy cow (which is also considered as mother) and the mother who has given birth. We are neglecting, ignoring and polluting these five mothers. This is the reason for turmoil in today’s world.


Intellectuals have a very important role to play in making our earth a safe place. Intellectuals all over the world should unite and use their intellectual power for construction and welfare of the society and to make the world peaceful, and never put it to use that  may cause destruction or anything bad to society. The intellectuals of the world should  work together for raising the human values in every person and thereby bring world peace. “Viswayogi United Forum of Intellectuals” affiliated to Viswa Manava Samaikyata Samsat, is being formed, to bring about Universal Integration & peace  by uniting the intellectuals of the world , and guiding them to use the  intellectual power for the welfare of society and world.


I call upon intellectuals all over the world to make My goal as your goal, My aim as your aim,  and by following My footsteps to make Universal Integration & peace a reality, and thereby this world an abode of peace.


I bless you one and all, and I wish world peace.


Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj


Divine March 2006, August 24th 2005 to November 26th, 2006

  • A public function was arranged in DFW temple, Dallas where Swamiji delivered His divine discourse.
  • In California Swamiji delivered discourses  at the Shiva Vishnu temple in Livermore and at the Fremont Hindu Temple in Fremont. At each of these temples, Swamiji was received with poornakhumbam, a traditional welcoming ceremony, which pays respect to the Spiritual leader. At the Fremont Hindu Temple, Swamiji honored both the Mayor of Fremont, Bob Wasserman and Dr. Romesh K. Japra.

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