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Divine March 2003 - Pictures


Divine March Declaration for Universal Integration & Peace

March 5th, 2003, Viswanagar, Andhra Pradesh


Embodiments of Divine Love, Embodiments of the Divine spirit

From March 1st to March 5th 2003, in the premises of Viswanagar very powerful homams, japas and wondrous spiritual programs were conducted in a very divine and spiritual environment. As you all know March 5th for the past few years is being celebrated as Universal Integration and Peace day.

On March 5th 2003, I declared My “Divine March Declaration” for Universal Integration and peace. I declared the year from March 5th 2003 to March 5th 2004 as Universal Integration and Peace year. I am calling and declaring this year as the Universal Integration and Peace year; and I have started my divine march for Integration and peace on March 5th 2003.

We are seeing so many different religions, so many different castes, so many different languages and so many different nations. In spite of all these differences the whole human race belongs to one family, the Universal family. We are ignoring and neglecting the base of all these nations, the base of all human races. We are ignoring mother earth, which is the base for all these nations. We are also ignoring and neglecting mother universe, motherland, the holy cow (which is also considered as mother) and the mother who has given birth. We are neglecting, ignoring and polluting the five mothers, namely, mother universe, Mother earth, Mother India or Mother America (motherland), Cow or Gomatha, and the mother who has given us birth. If we pray to, serve, love and keep theses five mothers free of pollution then the world will be an abode of divine bliss (Aananda Nilayam) and an abode of peace (Prashanti nilayam). This year we should try to make this world an abode of divine bliss and peace, and a temple of peace. This world is in chaos, is corrupt and is an abode of turmoil (Ashanti). Today the world is like a ball of fire. We should try to put off this fire with the rain of our love, with our spiritual, immortal divine love. We have to put off this fire in the society and transform it into an abode of peace. This year is a very important, crucial and valuable year, so this year has been declared as Universal Integration and Peace year. Not only this I have started my divine march for Universal Integration and Peace, so you have to follow me, you have to unite and promise me that you will walk in my footsteps and make my goal as your goal, make my aim as your aim and walk for Universal Integration and Peace with me, and you will do anything for Universal Integration and Peace. On March 5th, I made everyone present in the Birthday celebrations promise to me that they would work for Universal Integration and Peace; there was no special Birthday message like we have every year. I said that in the future we should show our ability in action and not in talk.

Embodiments of Love,

This body has incarnated on this earth for a purpose, to achieve some goal. All of you who are marching forward together with such a single minded devotion to this body, to the divine power in this body, you should unite and strive to accomplish that goal. You should also join with me in this march all the intellectuals, successful and righteous people in the world and march forward unitedly . Pope Paul has also declared March 5th 2003 as world peace day, this is a very good and happy occasion for us all and I want you all to unite and march forward for world peace.

Embodiments of Love,

We must reform ourselves first, we should first make ourselves strong, we should first be in a state of happiness; we should be an example of a sound mind in a sound body. I also declared on that day that on March 25th 2003, at 10:35 AM, his Excellency, the Governor of Sikkim, Sri. V.Rama Rao will be laying the foundation stone for Sri Viswayogi Institute of Medical sciences, Mother and Child care hospital. With this in mind for the last 5 years we are having medical camps in Viswanagar. These camps are being held every 3rd Sunday of the month, where about 400-500 rural people get treatment and free medicines every month. We want to have this hospital at an international level. We are striving for Universal Integration and Peace, for this good health is very essential. An unhealthy person must be made healthy, both physically and mentally, that is the aim of medicine. Not only this, prevention is better than cure. It is important to see that we don’t get the disease in the first place. For this we have to educate the illiterate and uneducated people who don’t know anything. The motto for the hospital is “A sound mind in a sound body”. We also have a logo for the hospital. In the center a picture of Viswamandiram and Universal Integration Pillar, Viswayogi Institute of Medical sciences at the top, at the bottom is the motto “A sound mind in a sound body”, on one side is picture of a mother with a child, on the other side is emblem of medical sciences.

Remember and chant OM SRI SAI RAM GURUDEVA DATTA nicely this year. The waves which come out of this chanting will be one with my heart beat, will pervade the entire universe, and the society will come out of this critical situation. There should be no war. War is not a solution to any problem. It will only be a cause for lot of troubles and problems. The war also effects the environment, changes the weather conditions, causing drought conditions and transforms the earth into a ball of fire; this in turn reduces the water level inside the earth and brings about situations, which are against nature. So we do not want this war, which is a cause of so much loss. The pope has also declared that there should be no war. All of us should pray to the God who is omnipresent and omnipotent saying “O God, the all pervading one, embodiment of divine power, please bless us in this effort to transform this society into an abode of peace. With your blessings the world should be transformed into an abode of peace. Please bless us who want to remove the turmoil, chaos and pollution in this society, so that with your blessings our efforts meet with success, and this society becomes an Abode of Peace”. “O God, all pervading one and an embodiment of the universal power, please be in our heart, have a divine connection with us and make us tread the path of success. Please help us earn physical, spiritual and financial strength and make us strong, let us be in a state of divine bliss, and see that our united effort to achieve world peace meets with success”. “O God, we pray to you that the purpose for which different religions were formed i.e. to strengthen man, to teach him humanity and make him a good person, and to help him realize the God in him, that purpose should not be forgotten. There should be no conflicts between religions, Religions should understand, agree with and respect other religions, people of all religions should unite and march forward together for world peace so that the world would be an abode of peace. O God we pray to you to mould us into individuals who do not pollute the environment or the entire creation”.

Embodiments of Love,

Today we are moving about with great arrogance and ego. We say that man is a very intelligent and knowledgeable being. But he also has a lot of Ego. Man keeps boasting that of all the beings, being born as a human being is the best. It is true that man is knowledgeable and intelligent. God has endowed the human with much more knowledge and intelligence, than he has given to any other being. Instead of using that knowledge to make the world a better place by making it an abode of peace, instead of respecting and praying to nature we are only trying to harm and destroy it, we are not living within the laws of nature nor are we trying to respect those laws, all this is because of our arrogance, ego and half knowledge. There is an universal rule. The universe moves according to that rule. Each and every creature, each and every animal, each and every plant and each and every particle in this universe is following this rule. Man is the only one who is not following this rule, he is actually going against this rule, by disrespecting the nature and trying to show his supremacy over nature, so the nature too is turning against man, forgetting its true nature. Since man is going against the universal rule he is facing so many worries and diseases.



Embodiments of Love,

Our ancient Sanaatana Dharma treats nature as form of God, as Mother and worships it. The whole universe belongs to one God; One God is ruling over the whole universe, that power is called Adi Parashakti or the universal power. Recently scientists at NASA have announced and you might have also heard about it, that parallel to the force of gravity which acts towards the center of the earth, there is another force, because of this force our world is safe, this world has no death, it is immortal. They have even given it a name called cosmic energy. I have been mentioning this for the past 25-30 years, the same thing was also preached by many yogis in the past. This power that has created the nature, and pervades through each and every atom in the universe is called Cosmo electromagnetic power. I have been talking about it in my discourses. The NASA scientists have named this as cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is GOD. Whether one believes it or not, whether scientists agree with it or not, some day in the future, teachings of Sanaatana Dharma and it rules will be scientifically accepted, because it is the real truth. As a result of not following the Universal rules man is facing ill health and mental unrest, thereby creating an unhealthy society with no peace and making hell on earth. We should not forget humanity, as it is the basis for everything. All countries are trying to show that they are superior to other countries; they try to dominate other countries. In this process they are forgetting that which is the basis for all countries and the human race i.e. the earth. If there is no earth nothing is there. So the earth has to be made an abode of peace. Whole human race belongs to one family and the earth is the basis for us. We are forgetting these truths hence the chaos today. That is why we should respect and worship Mother Earth, and make it an abode of peace. We should not pollute the earth, atmosphere, Cosmos, food material, water and minds of people. We should not pollute anything.

Embodiments of Love,

We have to promise not to ignore humanity. We must know and believe that humanity is the basis of all religions and the whole human race. There is only one God who is omnipotent and omnipresent. There is only one Religion, the Religion of Love. There is only one Caste, the Caste of Humanity. There is only one Language, the Language of the heart. There is only one Law, the Law of Duty. This must be the motto of each and every individual.

On March 5th I made this declaration in the presence of many intellectuals and people at high positions. I made them promise to me that they would make my goals as their goal, my aim as their aim, by following my footsteps. I ask the same from you. The purpose for which this body has incarnated on this earth, the goal the power in the body is trying to achieve, I want you to make that your goal in life, I want you to unite and march forward to achieve that goal. If you do this, I would consider this as my Birthday Gift from you. On this auspicious day, your gift to me would be your united march to achieve my goals.

A good hospital is very important. In rural areas in India the poor don’t have access to medical facilities within their reach. Their situation is very pitiable and facilities should be made available for them. Medical schemes, Rural development schemes, Vedic knowledge schemes to impart knowledge are being started for the benefit of the society. In addition, “Navajeevan”, old age home for seniors is under construction to enable people in old age who are unable to live with their loved and dear ones, and do not have peace of mind to lead a happy and peaceful life in an atmosphere of love, so that they will not be deprived of the love and affection they should normally be getting.

Five acres of land has been set aside for growing medicinal plants, and plans are in progress for an Ayurvedic Research and Diagnostic center. Currently we have about 70 acres land in Viswanagar. Shortly official inauguration of Viswamandiram and Universal Integration Pillar will also take place.

This year being declared as Universal Integration and Peace year, all of you also have to march forward accordingly. I have started my divine march for Universal Integration and Peace. I am physically coming there in May-June 2003. If I say something it is true. You do your work, plan and march forward unitedly. My divine blessings are with you all. Only when all of you are physically and mentally strong, only when all of you are in good positions, only when all of you are united and work whole-heartedly, will your efforts meet with success. You all are the bones, muscles, blood, nerves, blood vessels and everything in the body of this person called Viswayogi Viswamji. If you are not there, this body is not there. If you are not there, there are no bones or skeleton in this body. All my external and internal organs are you. All the powers in me are because of you. If all of you are satisfied and happy, it is real food for me. This body has an infinite amount of divine power, it has as much power as you can imagine or desire. You take as much as you can. By keeping connection with me you can cause this energy or power to flow to you, thereby becoming strong. You all there are in my heart. Wherever you are, however far you are, I am always with you. I was always with you; I will always be with you. My divine blessings are with you all.

Next year in March 2004, there will be Shasthi poorthi celebrations, from then the real mission will start as I have been telling you since a long time. As a beginning and in preparation for that I want you all to become strong and march forward in a united way. I give you my hearty Divine Blessings.


----Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace in the USA

(June 19th to September 28th 2003)


Swamiji reached the USA on the 19th June and his aim was to touch the heart of each and every person from all sections of the society from the common man to the intellectual and the political leaders who are actually responsible for making some of the important decisions affecting the society. Swamiji emphasized  during the tour that the intellectual power of the intellectuals should be used only for the good of the society. Spirituality has to be inculcated in the politicians so that they are able to rise above their selfish interest and work for the good of the society, country and the world. All religions are one and there should be no conflicts between the different religions. Peace can be a reality and this earth can be an abode of peace and happiness only if all the people in the society cooperate with each other and work for Universal integration and peace.  To spread this message Swamiji visited churches, temples and other social organizations.


During his trip to USA from June 19th 2003 to September 28th  2003 Swamiji visited many cities and towns in 19 states of the USA. In addition to the formal and informal discussions at the residences of some devotees, Swamiji delivered formal discourses at many public places these are: