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The Almighty Annunciation

On 25-3-96


declares his Indivisible Supreme Universal Power


I am the sole Power, the one and only one DIVINE Energy, universal power, here there, elsewhere, anywhere the same, identically self same.

In you, and in me, and in all The DIVINE Power is Singularly the same And it is Myself. It is "I", It is "I" .

Nameless, Am I, Any Name is MINE. I am all Names AND FORM OF ALL FORMS.

I reside in ALL ALL "I"s are "I" ALL "I"s verily are "I" THE TOTAL "I"

Despite differences in NAME AND FORM, The Vibrant, Audible Primal Sound is ONE(OM).

Although the Calling Prayers and Calls are Various The responding God is ONE, ONE, ONLY ONE.

Whoever MAY TRY WITH INTENT TO KNOW THE Immensity and Vastness OF THE SKY, Whoever MAY SPORT to bump and Jump beyond the limits of timeless SKY I am the one, unreachable, Beyond the grasp and clasp of anyone That unattainable, incomprehensible ONE, is MYSELF.

Humans dipped in the delusion and Illusion, CLING TO THE MAKE - Believe, BELIEF "THAT THE EARTH AND SKY will at one point Meet Sometimes, Somewhere" THAT MAYA IS MYSELF.

THE ABOVE MAKE-BELIEVE BELIEF IS ANALOGOUS to the alluring and eluding prospect and faith of scientists "THAT THE PARALLEL LINES " will one day meet in their eternal journey, such inquiry and never ending effort-filled Belief Is Myself

I am the subtlest of Micro Cosmic Subtle I am the most gross in the Super Supreme gross.

I am the very nearest of the nearest in the proximate distance. I am the very very distance in the infinite distances

I am very nearer, yet I keep myself very very distant That is my attribute and Tatwa. I am the indescribable abstraction I am infinitely far away Beyond your reach, Yet you feel my presence As an indweller and Your heart's neighbour.

I am the Manifest Mystery unravelling myself, In each and every entity In the entirety of creation.

I am the abstract, inexplicable driving force and Experienciable Propelling Power of ALL - IN - ALL. I am the three Gunas (Attributes - Satwa, Rajas, Tamas) Yet I am not Subordinate to them.

I am Attributless Yet, I am Fullness of Attributes.

I am the Form - Full I am the Form - Less The most Stable, Motion less, unintelligible Abstract Existence.

I am the five - Elements I am the origin of Five Elements.

I am the Five Senses I am the Origin - Source of Five Senses.

The Present, Created Seen Universe is Myself. The never seen Main-Origin Of Universe is Myself.

I am Yesterday, the past, I am Today, the present, I am Tomorrow, the future, The one which is not Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow And the Timeless-void is myself.

For me, yesterdays, todays Tomorrows are Today. Past, Present and Future are only Present for me All Are Always Today, Today, Today for me.

My Nature is to Dwell in the Present always I am unshakable in my Naturalness of Nature And it is my TRAIT.

I am the Darkness I am the Light I am the Inter play of Light and Darkness in the Hide and Seek game of Darkness and Light.

I am the Birth, I am the Death, I am the Drama of Births and Deaths. I am the Universal Power Indefinable, Tireless, Continuous Universal Power, Vishwashakti.

Nothing is Impossible for me I am the Kalpa Vriksha The wish - full filling tree.

My wish is omniwill I am the Kalpa Vriksha The celestial, boon-bestowing Blissfull-tree.




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