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The Universal Integration Pillar is an envisioned Symbol of oneness of humanity of Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee, "An epitome of divinity". It is circular in shape and a building in itself, miniature universe in brick and mortar. It is symbolizing man's hope and victory and bears eloquent testimony to his efforts of fostering and promoting UNITY OF MANKIND. Its sanctified structure depicts the realisation that divinity is inherent in man. Through the engravings of all major religious symbols on it, it reveals that it holds aloft on it and through them, that humanity, humane nature, are higher and ennobling, in spite of differences in religious practices of various faiths

The pillar recalls, the cultural heritage of India bringing to our minds the echoes of anatana Dharma, the highest form of equity and divine justice. The pillar is seated on an eight-pettaled Lotus and flower shaped base highlighting intelligence and reason, as also laying bare that the eight boundaries of the universe, circumflex the pillar. Humanity its well knit and integrated existences the theme of the pillar. The intellectuals with their intellect, must endeavor to integrate humanity into a common culture, which is another name for kindness, compassion, and which ushers in, one world family. UNITY IN HUMANITY is the enshrined slogan of this consecrated Pillar conducive to human welfare, its ultimate aim. The slogan's message inspires humanity to integrate themselves into one living organization belonging to only one god who is real. The pillar is a concretized, constant reminder that unity of mankind saves mankind from extinction."Foster unity among the children of MOTHER EARTH" is the credo of and is the ideal point of view of the message.

Viswamjee's creed is humanity and its unity is his hearts concern. All intellectuals of this world must unite to preserve it. He is a divine watchman,who, through this pillar shaped monument, awakens all human beings to the truth that "Universal Integration and establishing one world human family must be achieved by the people living in this universe one day". The height of the pillar represents the fullness of integrated universal family with poornakumbh at top. The pillar looks like prayer rising from the heart, a poem of praise for the giver of all the good(God). The structure is a miracle in marble, brick and stone, willed by Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee, "The divine principle in human form".

Truth, Purity, Unity and Character are the four facets of this pillar. These four aspects when practised by us the one world family envisioned by Sri Viswamjee becomes a reality. This is the quintessence of all the ideals embodied by the pillar.

The universal integration pillar in its three storeys can house nearly a thousand devotees in one sitting. People who come here to pray and meditate understand the truth that the people of the world are one family irrespective of the distinctions of caste, religion, colour, language ands class. This stupa has a basement, a first floor, a second floor and a third floor. The third floor is elliptical in shape and over this is the Poornakumbam and in the top most point is the "thrishula"(Trident). The ground floor, first floor and second floor are built for meditation. The seeker according to the level reached by him in sadhana will meditate in the second and third floors. The second floor meditation hall is extraordinary in the sense that on the roof is engraved the Srichakra which continuously showers its divine energy on the devotees meditating below. According to Yoga the second and third Dhyana mandirs(prayer halls) denote vissudhachakra and the storey above the third prayer hall is Ajna chakra and the kalasa is Sahasrara chakra. The coconut in the Poornakhumbam symbolises the paramatma who is in the form of divine ambrosia. The third storey beneath the kalasam which is elliptical in shape is the meditation hall of Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee, who always showers his Yogic powers on the devotees in the floors below and thus transforms the enegises them into storehouses of power.

There are eight entrances to the pillar depicting Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, Zorastrian religions along with Rationalism. Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee has given equal status with all the other religious faiths to rationalism also thus showing to the world the belief of Sri Viswamjee in rationalism. These eight entrances to the pillar reveal the divine truth that practice of any religion leads to the same goal and the divinity achieved there is of one and the same.

    i  s  t  u    

Various Entrances to the Universal Integration Pillar


The external shape of the pillar expresses the divine truth "Viswam Vishnu Swarupam"(the entire universe is Vishnu). The lions on the stupa signify fearlessness, enthusiasm and moral strength required for the attainment of estoric powers. God Surya(the Sun God) is a personification of knowledge and enlightenment. The Dove is a messenger of peace to humanity. The outer and external features of the stupa signify the body of the human being, while the inner sanctum is depicted as altar of God.

The foundation stone for the stupa was laid by the then Chief Justice Of India revered Sri Ranganath Misra, on the 30th March 1991. In his speech Sri Ranganath Misra said "The sankalpa of yogis will never go waste. This place will present to the entire world the alms of knowledge and will awaken universal Integration and Universal peace"

In Sri Viswamjee's words - " This Stupa or Pillar is my ultimate aim. This is my life-force, verily it is my souls target, my goal, my very pulsation. This Stupa is temple of Supreme knowledge. To work for its success is a true declaration of Bhakti or Devotion".










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