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Divine March 2009

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations

Seattle, WA, Nov 29th - Dec 1st 2009

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, Seattle, WA

Please visit again ....Pictures of 3rd Day of celebrations are being added...


Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, Seattle, WA


November 29th – December 1st 2009


Datta Jayanthi celebrations were held in Seattle, WA from November 29th to December 1st 2009 in the divine presence of His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee  Maharaj in a very grand manner. The function was well attended by devotees from all across USA.


Pooja programs were held on all the three days in the morning in the Wellness Institute, a retreat place in the beautiful forest area of Issaquah,  giving the feel of a hermitage. The wellness insitiute is owned by Mrs. David & Dianne who are popularly known as Iswar and Iswari in the area. A very spiritual couple who take part in all such spiritual activities and very keen on understanding and following the Indian Sanaatana Dharma.


The evening programmes were held in the Bahai centre in Bellevue in Seattle area, where the evening started with lighting of the lamp by Swamiji to dispel the darkness of ignorance followed by Veda chanting by the kids, plays on Swamiji’s mission of strength in unity enacted by small children, music and dance programs by children,  devotees and also professional artists. Every evening Swamiji administered the oath : Unity is our strength and humanity is our life. Swamiji also honored individuals for their community services. These individuals included, Mr. Steve Strachan- Kent Police Chief, mayor of city of Tumwater, WA Washington Telugu association, Sankara eye foundation, Seattle chapter. The evening programs ended with divine discourse by Swamiji.


On the first day of the morning programmes Lakshmi Kubera homam was performed for prosperity and  financial stability. On the second day Lakshmi Ganapathi homam and Dhanvantari Homam and Datta homam were performed for good health of the entire humanity. On the third day Datta vratam was performed on the occasion of Dattatreya Jayanthi. Strong divine vibrations were felt in the Wellness institute during these homams and also people felt the divine fragrances of Sandalwood and Jasmine flowers.


Speaking on this occasion Swamiji said that Sri Mahalakshmi is the supreme mother responsible for the entire creation. We have to pray to the Universal Mother who has Lord Kubera and Ganesha with her with the goal of removing the financial crisis. Swamiji said that Human being is the vehicle of Lord Kubera, and Lord Kubera will sit on the shoulders those who inculcate human values.  Swamiji also compared Kuber who comes from the Northern direction and Santa Claus who also comes from the North Pole, and wished that this year Santa Claus should bring humanity the gifts of peace and prosperity. Swamiji has said that the homams purify the air and also the air in us thereby increasing the natural immunity so that we don’t get diseases.  Swamiji spoke in depth about the principle of Dattatreya and nature of Dattatreya and has said that Dattatreya is the Universal Guru who has come to lead and navigate humanity in all times and is embodiment of all divine energies..  Swamiji spoke about the reason for today's problems as mans losing connection with the earth and polluting the earth and its five elements. Swamiji spoke about the Viswa Dharma and need to adhere to it as the first and foremost duty of man.  Swamiji said that it is mans foremost duty to provide each and every person on the earth with the five basic necessities namely food, shelter, health, education and clothing using intellectual power.


Swamiji has said that it was Divine will that these celebrations were held in Seattle, WA in such beautiful surroundings and said that this is the foundation for the Divine Vision 2020 for Universal Integration & peace which Swamiji will be launching during the Birthday celebrations of Swamiji’s physical body in March 5th 2010. Swamiji has urged everyone to prepare themselves to receive this divine vision.  Swamiji has declared that with this Datta Jayanthi He will have new energy and divinity and once again declared his Supreme Almighty  Annunciation as a precursor to launch the Divine vision 2020.











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