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Divine March 2010

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations

December 19th - December 20th 2010

Datta Jayanthi Oath given by Swamiji in California during Datta Jayanthi Celebrations:
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Andhra Bhoomi Article on Datta Jayanthi Celebrations

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, San Jose, CA

 Datta Jayanthi Celebrations were held in the divine presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj in Sanaatana Dharma Kendra, Sanjose, CA. The celebrations were attended by devotees from many states.

Datta homam was performed by Pandit Gajanan Maharaj on the December 19th morning in the divine presence of Swamiji. Cultural programs and felicitation of Dignitaries and intellectuals was a part of the evening program. Swamiji delivered his Divine discourse both in the morning and evening. Swamiji also gave his message to TV9 News.

On the 19th December, the cultural program was organized by the Bay Area Telugu Association, and students of Smt. Shobha Raju rendered beautiful Annamacharya kritis. Swamiji honored Mr. Gilbert Wang, Mayor, City of Cupertino, CA for his service to the community. Swamiji also honored Mr. Satish Chilukuri, Convener for the 2011 TANA (Telugu Association of North America) conference, for his dedicated services to the community through TANA. Swamiji also honored Mr. Jerry Brown, Governor elect of California.

On the December 20th Viswa Datta vratam was performed in the morning. In the evening, a 1 hr bhajan session by Satya Sai Group, filled the devotees with ecstasy. Cultural programs included dance program and singing by children, and a mono action (Sri Krishna, Eka Pathrabhinayam) by poet/actor Sri Akkiraju Sundara Ramakrishna.

Swamiji said that USA is the brain of the Mother earth, and India is the heart of Mother earth. Brain works well only when it receives pure blood from the heart, and only then the entire body is strengthened. By will of Anjenaya Swami and all the Parama gurus, the divine energy from the Himalayan caves has to flow to the brain of the Mother Earth.

Speaking on the occasion Swamiji said that it was divine will that Datta Jayanthi is being celebrated in California. Inspite several requests from devotees in India, this is the first time that Swamiji will be physically in the USA for New Years day, and will be leaving for India on the 2nd January. The reason for this Swamiji said is to make USA stronger, it is the need which has made him stay in the USA. Swamiji said the mission will be launched from January 1st, and then India and America will work like Krishna and Arjuna respectively, and bring about world peace. To get the victory of peace Krishna & Arjuna have to unite, only then it is possible.

Speaking about Lord Dattatreya, Swamiji said Lord Datta is the universal power, and unified form of all religions. Swamiji said that everything belongs to Datta, and whomever you worship it reaches Datta. The problem today is because of the different names we are giving to the Divine power. The divine power is same, just as water by any name will only quench thirst.

Swamiji said that keeping connection with the Guru is what is needed. The Guru will give us what we need, takes our karmic faults away and strengthens us.

Knowledge is Lords divine power. Those who keep connection with that power, that knowledge becomes their own, and they serve the society. These intellectuals are also embodiments of Datta. That is the reason Swamiji said, for recognizing the intellectuals along with rituals like poojas or singing. We have honored three individuals, one who is molding the state, one who is trying to mould the city and one who is trying to mould and help the community. By conferring award on these individuals, we are asking the state, city and community to unite.

We have to unite and work to propagate vibrations in Mother Earth’s heart. The whole world is a home, and each and every country is a room in the house. We have to unite all countries, all religions and all humans. This is the heart beating of Mother Earth and Mother India.

There is only one God who is omnipotent and omnipresent. We are all one family, the universal family. In his appeal to all the intellectuals Swamiji appealed to intellectuals not to forget the Mother Earth which is basis for all the countries. If any harm comes to Mother Earth we will face great destruction, and we will not exist. The first duty of all individuals is to protect the Mother Earth, the five elements. We should not pollute Mother Earth and the five elements. Swamiji also said that it is our duty to give 5 essentials namely: Food, clothing, shelter, education & health to everyone. And it is sad that we are not able to do so. The reason being we are not united. If we unite we can make miracles, throw away poverty and make this Earth an abode of peace.

Later speaking to TV9 Telugu News, Swamiji said that the power which is there in every atom, the Divine Universal power is Datta. This Datta shakti is trying to make the world an abode of peace. In this moment when there is so much turbulence, the world is looking towards India with a hope that a divine ray will come from India and bring about peace. We should forget all our mutual differences and make India which is heart of Mother Earth strong, and there by make the world an abode of peace.

On the 20th December Saamohika Viswa Datta vratam was performed by devotees, and Swamiji addressed briefly the devotees, and conveyed His divine blessings to all, and also to everyone who observed Datta Diksha for 40 days or for 20 days, he said that with the Poornaahuti the karmic doshas of the devotees have been taken by Swamiji, and offered to the fire of the homam, thereby purifying everyone. Swamiji made them take an oath that they would fill their minds with peace and hearts with love, and try for peace, and make the goal of the Guru they believe in, as their goal. Also the health, wealth and energy bestowed by the Lord will be used for the Lord and for world peace. Swamiji urged them to take this oath with them to their respective places and work towards it. In reality Swamiji said that that was His oath to the universal power.

Swamiji said that it is not devotees who are doing service, in reality Guru is a true servant and body guard or guard of your home (Body is your real home). Swamiji blessed all the devotees saying that if they chant the mantra and keep connection with Guru, they will draw energy from him.

Swamiji concluded saying that it is the divine will and resolution of the parama gurus in the caves of Himalayan Mountains, led by Avataar Babaji that the earth should be an abode of peace by 2020. So world peace will be a reality without any doubt, though there will be some hurdles in the way, as it is hurdles only that will draw people together.





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