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Divine March 2006 - Pictures


Continuing on His Divine March for Universal Integration & peace His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj set His divine feet in Seattle on May 13th 2006. On this occasion Swamiji called upon everyone to join him in His mission of Universal Integration and peace.


Save the Universe. Save the Mother Earth. Don't forget the planet on which we are living. It is our first and foremost duty to keep the Mother Earth clean and green, and free of pollution.

Peace must begin from the individual. Body is the temple and Heart is the Altar of the Lord. So we have to make the body strong, the mind peaceful and powerful, and fill the heart with Divine Love. Only by strengthening yourselves, you can attain peace and only then you will be able to spread peace in the world. Only by filling your heart with Divine Love you can spread Love everywhere.

Leaders of the countries, Heads of government and Heads of all religions should unite and think about peace and make this world an abode of peace.

I urge everyone to Keep aside all differences of caste, religion and nations, and unite all people on basis of humanity. Work unitedly to make my goal as your goal, my aim as your aim, and by following my footsteps, make Universal Integration & Peace a reality, and this world an abode of peace.

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

Divine March 2006 , May 13th 2006 to July 31st 2006

During his trip to USA from May 13th 2006 to July 31st   2006 Swamiji visited many cities and towns in 15 states of the USA. According to Swamiji peace begins with the individual. If the individual is peaceful then the family is peaceful, this in turn will make the society and country peaceful. With this in mind Swamiji met with many people at their homes, giving them privilege of worshipping His lotus feet and discussing their problems with them and providing solace. Swamiji also blessed businesses owned by devotees and was never rushed in spite of shortage of time. With His unconditional love He satisfied each and everyone.

One of Swamiji’s goals was to focus on the youth and children of today as they have to be channelized and guided properly so that they become good and citizens for tomorrow, as they will have an important role in tomorrow’s society. With this in mind, wherever Swamiji went he attracted the youth and children and spent time with them to instill love and confidence in today’s youth.

In addition to the formal and informal discussions at the residences of some devotees, Swamiji delivered formal discourses at many public places :

In addition Swamiji met some local leaders and discussed his ideas of Universal Integration and Peace these include meetings with:

In addition to meeting people in important positions Swamiji also addressed people across the nation and gave interviews to the newspapers and other media to spread his divine message. Some of the TV and newspaper interviews include:

During the tour Swamiji showered his love and blessings on everyone who approached him, be it for some material benefits or for the fulfillment of their spiritual desires. Until man’s material desires are fulfilled he can’t tread the spiritual path. Though on many occasions there was shortage of time but Swamiji satisfied everyone by giving them audience, listening to their problems and suggesting solutions. There were many who were fortunate to get Swamiji’s blessings and got back it into jobs or got their other appropriate desires fulfilled thereby getting peace in their minds.

On July 31st Swamiji left for India after successfully finishing this phase of the Divine march for Universal Integration & Peace and filling each and every heart that was fortunate to be touched by him with peace and bliss.

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