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To be born as a human being is in itself a sublime thing. It is a rare gift of providence which cannot be attained easily. So every human being should endeavour in the right direction to make his life purposeful. He must first make himself worthy of his human birth. One must strive hard to move forward in the path of spiritual evolution first by becoming a man perfect, then prudent and then a realized soul and finally identifying himself with the Supreme.

Perfection of manhood is itself the divinity. The Sanatana Dharma aims at and provides for evolving man into perfect manhood. This dharma does not confine itself to either a region or a religion. It embraces the entire world. It is universal.

It is now the necessity to the present day world to follow the doctrine of his Sanatana Dharma to attain universal brotherhood and bliss to the entire humanity.

It is this Sanatana Dharma that has put forth the concept of viewing the whole world as a single family. It is this Sanatana Dharma that has taught us to visualizeGod in every living being, it is this Dharma that has seen "Unity in Diversity". It is this Dharma that has enjoined to treat mother, father, teacher and guest as Gods.

This Sanatana Dharma reforms individuals and their families. It transforms their homes as abodes of peace. And through such homes it converts the society at large as a heaven on earth, as a VAIKUNTHA(abode of Lord Vishnu) as an ANANDANILAYA(abode of divine bliss).

Now a days we are planning to reform the society ignoring Sanatana Dharma, Individualand home. That is why we are meeting with failures in every sphere. Now the world has become heart of fire, a scene of pandemonium and unhappiness.

In the name of civilization with all its modernity, liberty with out check and curb, and with perverted intelligence we have been aiding this degradation of this world. This is a matter for concern.

First and foremost "the man" has to be reformed. "The Home" has to be refined. Then the society willtake care of itself. A society filled with refined individuals and homes spreads the reassuring fragrance of peace and sheds the brilliant light of sublime bliss. It gives us a taste of universal brotherhood and excellence in humanity.

This is the will of all Gods. This is the ardent desire and message of all mystics.This alone is the hope, desire, aim and destiny of the entire humanity.

With blessing Divine

Krishna Nagar, Guntur




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