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Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations


November 12th & November 13th 2008


Datta Jayanthi Celebrations


Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, Dec 12th & Dec 13th 2008


Datta Jayanthi was celebrated in a grand manner in the Bay area, California, USA in the divine presence of His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri  Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj.


Devotees from all parts of the USA attended the function and received Swamiji’s divine blessings. 


In the morning of December 12th Datta Pooja and Datta Homam were performed in the Sanaatana Dharma Kendra, Sunnyvale, CA by priest Sri. Gajanana Joshi, in the divine presence of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj.


In the evening there was a cultural programs organized by the Bay Area Telugu Association, where children performed classical dances. Swamiji appreciated their efforts in keeping up with Indian culture in spite of being so far away from India and said that even this was spirituality.


During the discourse Swamiji said that this was the first time that Datta Jayanthi was being celebrated outside Viswa Nagar and the reason for this is to make America powerful and this was the divine will. If world is compared to human body, India is the heart and America is the head and for the body to be health the head and brain have to be strong. The reason for celebrating Datta Jayanthi here is to make America strong and bring it out of crisis and to transmit the power to America. Swamiji said that some negative forces are trying to weaken the heart and the head, but as per divine will yogis are trying to strengthen the countries. There is no doubt that America will be out of all crisis within a few months.


The truth is that if the world leaders really will they can unite and remove terrorism in no time. The turmoil today is like labor pains of a pregnant woman. Here the Mother Earth is having labor pains to give birth to the child called world peace.


Swamiji said that the path of Datta is the true way to attain peace and His religion is humanity, his nature is love. Datta wants people to fill their heart with love and minds with peace.


Swamiji made everyone take the universal integration oath saying that all people belong to the same family, irrespective of the race, nationality, caste or religion. We should all unite in the name of humanity and if we do so we can do miracles on the earth, make the earth a heaven and make the Lord to come to the earth.

Swamiji urged all the people follow it in their daily lives also.


On the Decmber 13th morning Samoohika Datta vratam was performed in the Sanaatana Dharmaa Kendra. Swamiji said that united prayers to the Lord are never unheard.


In the evening a felicitation ceremony was held at the Milpitas Jain temple. The chief guests for the function on December 13th were former mayor of Milpitas Mr. Jose Esteves and Police chief of Milpitas Mr. Dennis Graham. The famous cardiologist Dr. Romesh Japra, of the Bay area was appointed the Vice chairman of advisory committee of VIMS- Mother and child hospital. Swamiji also honored many service organizations for their service to society.


Swamiji appealed to the NRI’s  to mix and merge their minds with the minds of the Americans and work to bring peace. Swamiji said that NRI’r should consider themselves lucky to have to mothers. One is Mother India and one is Mother America. It is their duty to salute the flag of India and flags of America, and respect and follow the India constitution and American constitution, and work together for bringing about peace in the world. The NRI’s should also have an eye on India and help to make it strong by removing poverty.


Swamiji said that the greatest danger to the world is from perverted intelligence, so we should make sure that Intelligence should be used only for construction.


Swamiji urged again and again to fill the mind with peace and heart with love and to spread peace and love every where. And this can happen only if we are united. For without peace there can be no unity.


Swamiji conveyed his divine blessings to all and assured that there would be peace in the world soon.




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