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Divine March 2012

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Knoxville, TN

October 25th - October 27th 2012

Knoxville, TN , October 25th - October 27th 2012

Bhagawan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj ’s Visit to Knoxville, Tennessee

 Bhagavan Sri Sri  Sri Viswayogi Visawamjee Maharaj met with the  Mr. Tim Burchett, Knox county Mayor and Madeline Rogero, the first female mayor of City of Knoxville on Friday October 26th 2012. Bhagavan’s address is simple and direct, “Awake, Arise and Unite for Peace and Save and Protect Mother Earth.”  He stressed the importance to the Mayors the need for the five strengths, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Health.  Both the Mayors are appreciative His message. 

To a query, how we achieve the goals of unity in diversity, Bhagavan stressed that there is a universal rule that is common like hunger, need for food, shelter etc..   A visitor in a foreign country taken to serious illness had to get emergency treatment wherever he is, and won’t say that he is an American so he will go back to America.

He stressed the importance of peace and it has to start from individual.  It then extends to the family, and to the society etc.  As long as we fill our hearts with love and keep mind peaceful, we can achieve anything.

In the evening at a Pada Pooja,  the children sang, “Maitree Bhajatu ..”  composed by Parmacharya of Kanchi which Swami loves.  He stressed, the foremost proclamation of Bharatiya Sanatana Dharma is,  “Worship the Mother Earth and we are all one Vasudhika Kutumbam.”  All our rituals emphasize this proclamation,  be it Sankutstapna, or a farmer prayer to Mother earth for sowing the crop to a dancer’s prayer at the beginning of performance, to morning prayer to salute Mother earth, “Samudra vasane Devi ..”.




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