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Divine March 2012

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, December 27th - 29th 2012
Dallas, TX

Datta Jayanthi Celebrations, Dallas, TX

     Datta JayanthiCelebrations in Divine presence of
His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj in Dallas, TX
December 27th – December 29h 2012

Datta Jayanthi Celebrtaions were held in Dallas, TX at DFW temple in Irving, TX from December 27th to December 29th 2012. The celebrations  were  held in a very grand manner with devotees from all over the country attending the celebrations. The celebrations marked the completion of 10 years of Divine March of Swamiji in the USA since 2003.

On the first day Chandi homam for removal of obstacles and negative forces, Dhanvantari homam for good health and Datta Homam for making man strong and powerful were performed. In the evening Ooyala seva was performed for Swamiji with lot of devotion and children and adults sang melodious songs bringing joy to all present.

On the December 28th, Swamiji’s Paada Pooja and Viswa Datta Vratam were performed. Followed by cultural programs in the evenings. During these cultural programs children and adults participated in singing, classical dances and enacting skits based on Swamiji’s message of protecting the Earth and also work for world peace.

Rudraabhishekam with vedic chanting was performed  on the December 29 th morning. In the evening there was a cultural program and felicitation ceremony where Swamiji honored dignitaries, doctors and other individuals for their contribution to the society. During the cultural program children presented a presentation on Mother Earth. Everyone was impressed with it, and later on the police chief in an interview with Mr. Ashok Vyas of ITV said that he is taking an oath of not to use bottled water in future. The dignitaries honored included Ms. Pamela A. Muller, Deputy Mayor, City of SouthLake, TX and police chief Mr. Steven Millet. Swamiji also honored Mrs. Jones an elementary teachers for her service to children.  Swamiji also honored Mr. Craig Sastry & Mrs. Jill Yogini who have constructed a Sai Mandir in Austin, TX and are doing lot of community service in the area. Speaking on the occasion Swamiji said that it is very befitting and a tradition to honor such people during Datta Jayanthi Celebrations.

Swamiji said that If the world is compared to human body, India is the heart and America is the head, and for this reason He is visiting USA every year and trying to bring India and America closer as this is needed for order in the world and the world to be peaceful. Swamiji asked the people to take an oath to work for peace, never pollute the 5 elements of nature, and never pollute the minds of the children. Swamiji urged people to see good, do good, speak good and by this one becomes good and divine. Swamiji added that on this occasion he wanted two flowers offered at His lotus feet, namely mind filled with peace and heart filled with love. Swamiji added that lack of unity and polluting the 5 elements of nature is the reason for all suffering in the world.

During the discourses after the Homams & Rudraabhishekam Swamiji spoke in depth about the path of Datta and Datta Philosophy and the Guru tattva. Swamiji said that the goal of Datta path is not to merge in Datta  but to keep connection with Datta or Guru, and there by becoming a Datta himself. Datta or Guru is embodiment of Love and if you keep connection with him he will remove all your sorrows, bestow success and make you strong and transform man into Universal Man.

Swamiji assured that he was always with his devotees and protecting them like the eyelid protects the eyes. He also added that he had to fulfill and will fulfill all the  good desires of all those who reposed faith and surrendered to Him. Guru is like a Mother, and he showers love of a million Mothers, He is a Father, a teacher and is the best navigator and does everything for his devotees.

Swamiji urged all the people to merge their hearts and minds with the Americans and work unitedly for world peace. Swamiji added that these Datta Jayanthi celebrations are a turning point for world peace and very soon people will see this.

During the Datta Jayanthi celebrations Swamiji was also intervied by Mr. Ashok Vyas of ITV, New York.  Swamiji began the yearly Divine March in the USA in 2003. Swamiji returns to India on the 6th January 2013 after successfully completing the 10th year of Divine March and after having  touched and transformed and reformed  many many people, and filling the minds of people with hope and assurance of a world that is an abode of peace.






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