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Divine March 2012

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Chicago, Illinois

September 21st - September 30th 2012

Swamiji's Discourse at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, following the Dhanvantari & Rudra Homam : September 29th 2012

Article in the October 26th edition of India tribune

Chicago, IL

Dhanvantari & Rudra Homam in the Divine Presence of His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj, September 29th 2012

Dhanvantari and Rudra Homam were performed at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in Lemont, IL on the September 29th 2012.  Devotees from across the country attended the Homam. After the Homam Swamiji addressed the devotees and spoke about the importance of Dhanvantari and Rudra Homam and their role in promoting well being of the people and the Mother Earth. Swamiji Spoke in depth about meditation and how it should become a part of life naturally. Swamiji stressed the need to worship the Mother earth and keep it pure, and reiterated that cause of natural  calamities is imbalance among the five elements of nature. Swamiji urged the people to work for peace by first making their minds peaceful and then extend the peace to the family, society and country and the world.

Swamiji also blessed Mrs. Pantula Rama after her performance in the program organized by SAPNA (Sri Annamacharya Project of North America). Speaking on the ocassion Swamiji said that Music whether it is eastern or western makes the person peaceful. Swamiji added that world is looking at India with a hope that a ray will come and make the world peaceful, and it is because of the ancient Sanaatana Dharma and its values.

Swamiji meets with Mr. Jesse White Secretary of State, and Mayor of Naperville Mr. George Pradel

Swamijee met with Jesse White, Secretary of State, Illinois, USA on 26th September at the Illinois State house in Chicago.  Swamiji also met with Mayor George Pradel of City of Naperville at Naperville City Hall. Swamiji  honored  Mr. Jesse White for his dedicated service to state of Illinois and conferred the title “Man of Victory” on him. Swamiji discussed with the leaders about the current situation of the world and Swamijee emphasized the need of peace. Swamijee  also expressed the need to take care of the earth which is the very basis for all the countries and keeping the mother earth away from pollution and maintain balance between the five elements of which it is composed to prevent natural calamities.  Swamiji honored the Mayor of Naperville who has made a mark on the city of Naperville with is dedication and sincerity, and presented him with Distinguished service award. The Mayor of Naperville was touched by Swamiji’s message and mission and appreciated Swamiji’s efforts in bringing about world peace.





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