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Divine March 2011

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Seattle/Pullman, WA

Swamiji in Seattle/Pullman, June 2011, August 27th - September 1st 2011

Seattle, WA

Swamiji in Pullman, WA


Swamiji visited Sanatan Dharma Center of Palouse, Pullman. Shri Swamiji honored on the occasion (R-L): Director, Food Bank of Pullman; Director, Gladish Community Center; Mayor, Dr. Glenn Johnson, Pullman, and Community Volunteer.

Shri Swamiji kindly offered words of wisdom to the Youth Wing Coordinator of Sanatan Dharma Center. Shri Swamiji asked the Youth to work without feeling any difference between their motherland and the place they live now. When Youth are engaged in service, the community will prosper and nation will be peaceful.
Shri Swamiji’s discourse. Shri Swamiji said that unity would solve all problems in the world. He urged everyone to be united and continue on the path of service.

The Mayor speaking in presence of Swamiji said that it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and the participation of the Youth. He welcomed the formation of Sanatan Dharma Center in the community and the service it offered.





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