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Divine March 2011

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

North Carolina, August 10th - August 20th 2011

North Carolina

       Swamijee's visit to Mount Soma, Asheville, NC.

Swamijee was invited to Sri Somesvara Temple on Mount Soma, in the Smokey Mountains, near Asheville NC on Aug 17th.
A group led by Dr Michael Mamas, a disciple of Mahesh Yogi runs Meditation and Veda camps. Sri Somesvara Temple, built per strict Vasthu is the first of the many temples planned for this community.

Excerpts of Swamijee's speech and Q&A session with this group:
According to ancient Santhana Dharma, Body is a mobile temple on earth. There is a Blue light within ourselves and if we awaken it, there will be no need to go to different temples and Gurus. Sanathana Dharma proclaims worship of Mother Earth which is the basis for every country in this world. Do not fight in the name of religion. God is asking for PEACE, and not break the world into PIECES.

Q&A session:
What is Yoga ?
Yoga is Union. We need to unite the Soul with the Supreme.
What is Supreme?
One which is everywhere.
Everyone has a Mind which is made up of vibrations and thoughts, similarly, the Universe has an Universal Mind,
Yoga = Connection of Individual Mind with Universal Mind, just like connecting to Satellite with a Dish.
How to achieve that Union?
By Focus - meditation and Yoga.

There are 8 chakras in the Human body (Patanjalis's 6 chakras + Third Eye + Ananda Chakra which is the Head).
If we get Gyana (knowledge), we get Ananda(Bliss). If we realize God, we will be immersed in Bliss. We see ourselves in everyone and there will not be envy or jealousy with others. Datta Shakthi is responsible for Creation and Sustenance of this Word. We have to Yagna making our own body as a Homa Kundam. Ancient Sages looked inwards and realized the power centers within their own body and became enlightened as Spiritual scientists, and gave us Sanathana Dharma which are rules for good living for society.
Make our body healthy by practicing Yoga and build up immunity by chanting Gayatri mantra which channels Solar Energy and become a powerful instrument to serve society and bring peace to this world.
Throw away Envy and Jealousy just as a candle brings light and wards off darkness.
There is only 1 Truth, but we dont understand that, and fight with others.
Lastly, save Earth and do not pollute it. Pollution causes imbalance which in turn leads to natural calamities.




 India Independence Celebration Reception in Raleigh NC on Aug 14th.

A Reception ceremony was organized in the Divine presence of Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee. On this occasion, Swamijee honored leaders of the community for their service. The honorees were, Mayor of Cary, Harold Weinbrecht, Jr who is a Software professional and as a Mayor gives importance to Balanced Growth of the community and protecting the environment. Morrisville Mayor, Jackie Holcombe who recognizes and appreciates the diversity of the community Steve Rao, CEO of TSG Academies and Founder of TiE, association for entrepreneurs. He is on the board of the NC State IT Advisory Board and is working for close cooperation between India and US.
Dr and Mrs Sharma, Founder of Hindu Society for their contributions to promote Indian culture and Hindu religion. Swamijee started the speech with the song “God is one for everyone..God is Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Nanak,Baba”. Jesus said love thy neighbor as thy self.When he first came to USA, an immigration officer welcomed him to USA and asked how he felt in USA..Swamijee replied coming to USA is like going to one room to another in a house. If you ask which room you like, you reply you like your “house”. Sages mentioned vasudaika kutumbam, The whole world is an Universal family. Swamijee talked about the importance of Unity and cooperation..fill with your heart with love and peace.

Indians living in US are very lucky to have 2 mothers, Mother India and Mother America. He said that every leader, Political or religious talks about World peace, but it cannot be achieved without two things – peace in an individual and peace in the family. Every individual needs 5 essential things, food,clothing, shelter, medicine and education. There is so much poverty in this world, especially in the African continent.
This is very disheartening especially when there is so much advances in Science, where we are doing Space excursions and getting ready to go to other planets. Countries should not fight over religion or language differences. For eg., when people are tired and thirsty and start asking for Water in different languages and don’t understand that everyone is asking for the same thing (water) and start arguing that it is called “water”,“Paani” and so on, without knowing that they all need the same thing. If they realize that they all need the same thing, but acknowledge and respect their differences, they can unite. Similarly, when there is Unity, even small contributions can achieve great results.

Swmiji also said that USA is the Brain because this country was built by the intellectual power of the immigrants coming from all parts of the world. India is the heart of the world. Both the heart and brain need to be healthy for the functioning of the human body. Both these countries should unite and work together and become strong, but not to rule other countries, but to bring together all the countries for World Peace.




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