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Divine March 2009

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations, Seattle, October 2nd 2009
Vigraha Praa Prathisthapana, Venketeswara Temple, Seattle, October 3rd 2009

Seattle, WA

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Gandhi Memorial Statue, Bellevue Regional Library, Seattle, Washington, October 2nd 2009


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, in Seattle, on October 2nd 2009, His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj, blessed the Shankhusthapana of the Gandhi Memorial in Bellevue Regional Library in Seattle, Washington. This was organized by the National federation of Indian American Associations and NFIA.  Present during the event were Mr. Sudhip Gorakshakar – Director,  Ms. Lavanya Reddy - Director At Large, Anjali Sachdev -  Director At Large, Vishwa Prasad - Regional VP Pacific NorthWest, Lakshmi Gaur - Secretary IAWW, Jagadish Sharma - Founder IAFF,

Bill Ptacek - Library Director, Rita Steward - Office of Congressman Jim McDermott.


Speaking on this occasion Swamiji said that Mahatma Gandhi is not an ideal for India only, but he is an ideal for the whole world. Gandhiji preached non-violece and peace, and he is a “Viswa Santhi Devata”

Swamiji on this occasion said that peace is very important and for this violence between religions and nations has to be eradicated.  To get peace world leaders, religious leaders and intellectuals have to work unitedly. Peace can be achieved only with Love and Unity Swamiji added. If there is no love and no unity, there is no peace. Every one should fill their mind with peace and heart with love, and spread love and peace wherever they go. Swamiji has called for every one to work for peace and said that the coming 10 years are very important for the world, and has given his Divine Vision 2020 for Universal Integration and Peace. It is necessary to take this vision to every heart. Everyone must think of peace and all the nations should unite to get peace.


In his message to the Indians in America, Swamiji has said that the Indians in America have two mothers namely Mother India and Mother America. India is the Mother land and America is the adopted Motherland. It is the duty of Indians in America to love and respect both the mothers. One should salute the Indian national flag and the American national flag, respect the Indian Constitution and the American constitution. There is a great need to merge and mix their hearts with the Americans and people of other countries as well and work unitedly to bring about world peace.


Swamiji said that for Mother Earth, India is the heart and America is the brain. Just as for the body to be healthy the heart and brain have to be healthy and in a good condition, and work with coordination, for the world to be healthy, happy and peaceful there should be cooperation and coordination between India and America. India an America together should  work unitedly and join other countries with them and bring about world peace.


On this occasion Swamiji made everyone take the Unity is our Strength and Humanity is our Life pledge, and also sang the God is one, God is One , God is one for everyone song.



Vigraha Prana Prathisthapana, Venketeswara Temple, Seattle, WA : October 3rd 2009


In the divine presence of His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj, Prana Prathisthapana function of the idols of Lord Venketeswara, Bhoodevi , Sri devi and Vaishnavi Durga was performed according to the Aagama sastras by the veda pandits in the Venketeswara temple in Seattle on October 3rd 2009.


Speaking on the occasion Swamiji has said that the temples are like relay centres which get the Divine energy from the Ananda Nilayam in Tirupati, and make the temple a magnetic field and give the energy to the people coming to the temple. It is the duty of these temples to take the teachings of our ancient Sanaatana Dharma to all the people.


Lord Ventekeswara is called Srinivasa, as Sri Sakti  resides in Him as Icha, Gyana and Kriya sakthis. We have seven chakras from the Mooladhara to the Gyana chakra  and on the top of our head is the Sahasraram. The Sri sakthi is in the sahasraram, and Lord Srinivasa actually resides there. When the Kundalini power in the Mooladhara is enlightened , the Sahasraram becomes an Ananda Nilaya. When we enlighten the Sri sakthi in ourselves, and turn our selves into Ananda nilayam, it becomes an abode of Srinivasa. Sprituality is not a religion, but the way to get peace. Sanaatana Dharma does not support any one religion or try to dominate any religion. It merges and mixes all the religions into itself. It is a universal human path, and tells us about the rules following which we become powerful and peaceful, Swamiji said.


Speaking about the flooding in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Swamiji said that the earth and universe are made up of the five basic elements namely soil, earth, air water and space. Pollution of these elements causes an imbalance amongst the five elements and this is the cause of natural calamities we are seeing today.


Swamiji has said that if there is a conflict between religions or nations, somehow by discussion or treaties peace could be established, but if nature turns against us and declares a war, nothing can be done. Even the most powerful countries couldn’t do and can’t do anything against these natural calamities. So the Leaders of all the countries and intellectuals should think about it and do something to keep the nature free of pollution. There should be a department and fund set up to look into this and also get help in all respects to help the needy.




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