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Divine March 2009

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

New Jersey/New York
July 22nd - July 31st 2009

New Jersey/New York

During His stay in New Jerser/New York Swamiji visited two offices of the United Nations, met with the Edison political candidates, delivered a divine discourse at Sri Krishna Vrundavana temple in Edison , NJ

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj Visits United Nations


Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj’s Divine March for Universal Integration and Peace 2009 included a trip to United Nations, New York on Friday July 31, 2009.  At the United Nations, His Holiness was accompanied by DPI Commissioner Rev. Moses Williams and a UN Staff member, Ms. Jennie Kim  and met with Dy Director of UN-Habitat Yemeni Djacta and her staff, High Profile Concert Promoter and Mega Charity Fund Raiser Daniel Garcia, and Mr. S. Rama Rao, Officer-In-Charge of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and his staff.  His Holiness continued to spread the Divine message of Universal Integration and Peace.

Swamiji’s first meeting was at the office of UN-Habitat. The meeting was led by Rev. Moses Williams, UN official and a renowned humanist who strives for the up liftment of poor and equal rights for all. Rev. Williams introduced Swamiji to Yemeni Djacta and her staff, and to Daniel Garcia. 

Ms. Yemeni Djacta shared the mission of UN-Habitat with Swamiji.  UN-Habitat strives to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlement development, and the achievement of adequate shelter for all, across the world. According to the Habitat office, cities and towns around the world are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, resource depletion, food insecurity, population growth and economic instability. She alerted all of us to a disturbing fact that in the near future, two-thirds of the world population will live in urban areas in poor living conditions.  In view of the growing shelter crisis, World Habitat Day will be observed on October 5th, 2009, in Washington DC, under the umbrella of President Barack Obama’ administration.

Daniel Garcia, a High-Profile concert producer, talked about his commitment to charity. He literally walks across nations, from coast-to-coast, to raise money for charitable causes and to promote peace. He has walked 25,000 miles in several countries.  He is usually accompanied by a lot of celebrities and high profile officials, including the Queen of Jordan herself. He walked from New York to San Francisco, Los Angeles to NY, he walked in Iraq, in Jordan, and he has walked all over Europe.  He expressed his desire to dedicate the next walk to World Habitat Day, by starting his walk from UN headquarters in NY. He shared his next big project of hosting a mega charity concert to raise funds for the needy, by inviting famous singers and he plans to broadcast the concert to the world audience.

After listening to both the individuals, Swamiji thanked them for rendering great services to humanity. Swamiji said that we should be in a position to provide the five basic necessities to each and every person on the earth, namely, food, clothing, shelter, education and health. He emphasized the provision of these five basic needs for a stronger society. Only when these five basic needs are provided, a man will become stronger, which will then lead to a stronger family. A strong family will then create a strong society and a strong nation. Swamiji spoke the need for both - mental as well as world peace.  He said both human body, as well as the earth, are made up of five elements - soil, water, fire, air, and space. Whenever pollution rises, the delicate balance among the five elements is broken, causing natural calamities, hunger, stress, etc. to increase. He appealed to all those present in the meeting, to take care of the nature, the body, and the needy.  He mentioned that VIMS-Mother and Child Care Hospital was established by him to provide free medical care to the needy and to help welcome the new born to this world in a healthy condition. Even before the construction of VIMS, for about eleven years medical camps are being conducted in Viswanagar which provide free medical services to the people in the rural areas. Follow up care is being provided in the local hospitals in Guntur. Swamiji also mentioned about the rural development programs offered by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Y. Rajasekhar Reddy like construction of houses for people living in slum areas, and also the medical benefits provided to the people in the rural areas, by the AP government thru the health plan, “Arogyasri padakam”.  After listening to Swamiji, Daniel Garcia appreciated the efforts Swamiji was taking and also the efforts of the Government to uplift the lives of people living in poor conditions and expressed an interest in walking in India to promote Swamiji’s cause and benefit VIMS.  Rev. Moses Williams suggested a walk from New Jersey to New York in observance of World Habitat Day on the 5th October 2009 and invited Swamiji to join the march. Swamiji conveyed His divine blessings for the success of this event.

The next meeting was at World Intellectual Property Organization. Invited by Mr. S. Rama Rao, Officer-In-Charge of WIPO-NY, Swamiji met with his staff and praised them for the work they were doing. In addition to acknowledging the organization’s work on protecting intellectual property, Swamiji also emphasized on creating a world of responsible intellectuals. He claimed that a lot of problems including terrorism in the world are created by the perverted intelligence, with 9/11 incident being the most glaring example in recent times. He stressed that all intellectuals in the world must come together to create peace. Terrorism feeds on weakness and there is no better way to beat it than defeating it with the strength in unity. Swamiji also talked about his Divine Vision 2020 for Universal Integration & Peace. He claimed that the next decade will see a lot of change in the world for good and will be a turning point for a better world. Mr. Rama Rao then drew a similarity between Swamiji’s mission with that of United Nation’s work around globe. He further stated that both UN and Swamiji are working relentlessly for unity and peace in the world.

Both the meetings were wrapped with Swamiji’s message Awake, Arise and Unite for Peace. He delivered his divine call-


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