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Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Rudra Homam, DFW Hindu Temple, Dallas, TX

Saturday, September 6th 2008

Rudra Homam Pictures

The very auspicious and peace giving Rudra Homam was conducted by His Holiness Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj at the DFW Hindu Temple on Saturday Sept 6th.  All those who participated experienced a great sense of peace and were uplifted from the Divine vibrations generated at the homam.   At the outset, Dr. Mukund Hanumante from New Orleans gave a brief introduction of the benefits of the Rudra Homam.  Sri Viswamjee blessed the assembled devotees with His Divine Discourse.  Excerpts from his discourse follow:

Referring to the Rudra homam, Swamiji explained the purpose behind doing Rurda homam.  He went on to say that the 11 Rudras comprise the 5 elements, the 5 pranas ( life principles) and the Mahaprana.   The human body, the earth, the solar system, and indeed the vast infinite universe are all governed and maintained by the 11 Rudras.  If these Rudras are in peace then there will be well-being and peace all around. To have peace a person must keep his body in a fit condition and keep the mind stress free, anxiety free  and free from fear.  To achieve this peace many adopt various methods including the chanting of the divine name – Vishnu Sahasra namam, Lalitha Sahasra namam , etc, singing devotional songs, religious readings, conducting Rudra homam and so on. Indeed a person can follow any one or more of these methods to reach the abode of the Lord.  

Viswamjee stated that the DFW Hindu temple was started with the noble intent of providing the Indians settled on American soil an opportunity to get peace from the rigours and stresses of the their day to day life and also to provide them with a means to keep in touch with the eternal values and principles of Sanathana Dharma.   

Speaking of the role of the Guru in an individual aspirant’s life, Viswamjee stated that the he was the mother, father, friend, guide and also a scavenger.  As a scavenger he removed the bad tendencies, thoughts and karmas that held back the spiritual progress of the aspirant.  In particular Viswamjee pointed out that during the course of the Rudra homam while the devotees were chanting the mantras, he himself, with the aid of his mental power was drawing the bad thoughts and impurities from them and offering them into the sacrificial fire of the homam.  He said that this was the first time where he himself had conducted the Rudra homam outside his ashram in Viswanagar,  Guntur.

He closed by saying that during the course of His Divine March for Universal Integration and peace as he toured various cities of the USA this year his slogan or central theme is that the “Human body is the moving temple of God and the heart is the seat of God”.  He exhorted all the devotees to develop their individual will by thinking positive thoughts and to unify their individual wills with the Universal will through developing their concentration and noble nature through prayers, bhajans, homas, yagnas  and good deeds.  He concluded by giving all the devotees his divine blessings. 




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