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September 2017

October 2017




Swamiji Conveys His Divine Blessings to all on the occasion of Nagula Chavithi, October 23rd 2017

Maanasa Samcharam, Draamkaaram : Essence of Spirituality

Swamiji has conveyed His Divine Blessings on the ocassion of Nagula Chavithi. Nagula Chavithi, this is not a festival where you are just worshipping some snake. It is not just about offering prayers to the serpent and pouring milk into the snake pit. In reality the snake represents the Kundalini power which is coiled inside us and resides at the bottom of the spinal cord in the Muuladhara Chakra, and it is this Kundalini that we are worshipping. We should enlighten the Kundalini power hidden within us and strengthen ourselves. The mind should dwell on the "Draam" the seed letter for Lord Datta. This seed letter will help you unlock the Hrid Granthi in the Heart. It will enlighten the intellect by unlocking the Brahma Grandhi and will nurture the power of action in the Rudra Grandhi, in the spine. The Draam is combined form of the Trimurthi's namely Brahma, Vishnu & Maheshwara and is beyond the three Gunas. Omkara is combination of the dot and the triangle in the srichakram. It is combination of the Hrimkaara and Srimkara. Hrim is on the right side of the brain and represents Siva and Srim is on the left side of the brain and represents Lakshmi. It is the divine ray that is emanating from all of the chakras as a result of the energy flow up and down from the mooladhara to the Sahasraram. The divinity exists in the centre of the heart and emanates as a blue ray. Draam bestows the Astha Siddhis and is combination of the eight forms of Lakshmi. This is the essence of spirituality.

Swamiji conveys His Divine Blessings to all on the ocassion of Dhana Trayodashi(October 17), Naraka Chatadurshi (OCtober 18) and Deepawali, October 19th 2017

Swamiji has conveyed His divine blessings to all on the ocassion of Dhana Trayodashi, Naraka Chathurdashi & Deepawali .

Swamiji wishes that every person should glow like a lamp of knowledge and lamp of love and transfrom the world into an abode of peace. These days Mother Earth is faced with natural calamities, terrorism and diseases not fathomable to doctors which are bothering us. Why this virus is coming? From where is it coming? Intellectuals should use their knowledge only for constructive purposes and not for destructive purposes. Not just finding cure but they should work on preventing such diseases. Today Man is the only enemy for man. It is time for him to inculcate human values and unitedly on diwali light the lamp of love and lamp of knowledge and peace and make a garland and adorn the mother earth. 

Swamiji has wished that on this Diwali every one should be blessed with the grace of the eight forms of Lakshmi, and by worshipping Sri Devi and Bhoodevi may the world be an abode of peace. In the past, this day is the historic day when the demon Narakasura who was causing terror on the earth was killed by Satyabhama with Krishna as the charioteer. Adi Parashakti incarnated as "Stri" to eliminate Narakasura who was creating unrest on the earth. Today we find many Narakasuras. Deepavali has to be observed as a day for getting rid of all the bad qualities in us, symbolized by the demon Narakasura. Each of us has to fight and destroy the demonic forces within each by resorting to Sathya (Truth). As such every man has to become one Sri Krishna. Every lady has to become a Sathyabhama and must become valarous. Every lady must illumine her house by conquering human hearts with divine love. Thereby violent tendencies and evil circumstances disappear

The inner meaning underlying the Diwali should be rightly understood. Note, for instance, the fact that the whole row of lamps are lit by the light from one lamp. That one lamp symbolizes the Lord. The others symbolize the light in individual selves.

The lamp points to another significant fact. Wherever it may be placed, the flame goes upwards only and never moves down. Likewise, the flame of Jnana (Spiritual Wisdom) leads one to a sublime level through the path of Righteousness. Everyone should endeavor to adhere to Truth. Truth is God. With faith in God and adherence to Truth, all demonic forces can be vanquished.

On this ocassion I once again call upon all the people of the world to unite and work to destroy the elements that are causing unrest in the society and make this earth an abode of peace. It is my wish that the Diwali, the festival of lights should take us from darkness of poverty to the light of prosperity, from darkness of sorrow to light of happiness and it should dispel the darkness of ignorance from the lives of men, and lead them to the light of knowledge, thereby filling everyones life with peace and prosperity.

On this ocassion It is my wish that all of you should fill your heart with humanity and make an united effort to bring about peace and happiness and make this earth an abode of peace.

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj



Prof. Chenupati Kodanda Ramaiah has been awarded prestigious Bharat Gaurav award


Swamiji conveys His Divine Blessings to all on occasion of Mahatma Gandhi  Jayanthi :  October 2nd 2017

Swamiji visited the Gandhi Memorial in Dallas, TX on September 7th 2017


Gandhi Jayanthi being observed at University of North Florida , Jacksonville, Florida on October 2nd 2008


gandhi jayanthi

Picture taken during Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations at Naperville Public Library in Naperville, IL on October 2nd 2010
(Seen in the picture with Swamiji is Illinois Secretary of State Mr. Jesse White)


Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations at Heritage Park, Skokie on October 2nd 2013


My Hearty divine Blessings to all on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi. In today’s turbulent world when we don't know what will happen any instance it is only Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of Nonviolence that will bring about peace and harmony. Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of love and tolerance who forgave the person who killed him and always with Lord Rama’s name in his heart and mind he marched forward in his life.

There is a great need for politicians to follow Gandhiji’s principles to make this world an abode of peace. Mr. Modi before taking charge as Primeminister of India, paid repsects and offered a flower in front of Mahatma Gandhi's picture. Many leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Obama, and Clinton have said that Gandhiji has been a great influence on their lives.  Gandhiji believed in equality for all people and proved that a country can prosper only if the villages are developed and he worked towards this and this is what the leaders of today should think about and work towards developing the villages and bringing about equality in society.

Inspired by Gandhiji's principles today there are statues of Gandhiji even in the United States in the University of North Florida, Jacksonville. A Gandhi memorial has been built in the Dallas area in Texas. There is a life size statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed in Heritage Park in Skokie, Illinois and there are peacemaking conferences like The Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking which is held annually in Memphis, TN which brings together modern visionaries on nonviolence and social change with community leaders, activists, academics and organizers to train, learn, plan and organize to create a culture of liberation and justice for all as emphasised by Mahatma Gandhi.

The real tribute we can offer to ‘Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation’on His Birthday is following his principles of non-violence and truth and imbibe his quality of patience and tolerance, and work unitedly to make this worlld and earth an abode of peace.

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

Swamiji visited the Gandhi Memorial of North Texas in Dallas
September 7th 2017

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations in Chicago on October 2nd 2013

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