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Article in Andhra Bhoomi, October 9 th 2016


Translation of the above article

Andhra Bhoomi, Bhoomika, October 9th 2016

India’s Aim is to follow Dharma

  • World will be peaceful only if terrorism ends.

  • Dasara is symbolic of victory over the evil forces

  • Bhagwan Viswayogi Viswamjee

There is no doubt that India is emerging as a powerful country in the world. India has the capability to successfully fight terrorism. This has been proved on many occasions. Currently terrorism poses a big question to the world. For terrorism there is no distinction based on caste, religion or creed. Terrorism has increased in India where more Hindus live, and also in Christian countries like America and in Muslim countries too. Along with India, America, France, Britain, Baluchistan and other countries are also facing problems because of terrorism.  For any country that is  facing problem due to terrorism there is only one solution and that is to eradicate terrorism. No country should hesitate to eradicate terrorism. The world can be peaceful only if terrorism is put to an end.

For any reason if the appendix in the body is infected, it is removed by means of a surgery. If the appendix is not removed as soon as it is infected it will cause serious problems for the person, so the doctor without any hesitation remove the appendix by means of an operation and save the life of the person. If the doctors hesitate to operate and remove the appendix, the man will die. Similarly, in any country if terrorism is not eradicated the country will be harmed and the common citizens will suffer.

In the Tretha yuga and Dwapara yuga there were demons. God used to incarnate in different forms to kill the demons. Lord Rama was born in the Tretha yuga to kill Ravana. After victory over Lanka, Rama did not take over Lanka but instead he crowned Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana as the king. In the same way Vali who had evil thoughts was killed and Sugreeva was crowned the king of the monkey kingdom. If Rama wanted he could have ruled over the monkey kingdom and Lanka and could have proclaimed himself the emperor. Rama’s intention was only to kill the evil and not to take over their kingdom. In the same way Lord Krishna also stood by the Pandavas who were bound by morals and values and protected the people from the atrocities caused by the Kauravas. Sri Krishna worked to give Pandavas their kingdom but never said that he wanted to rule over them.

In the same way even today India is not going near other countries on its own. In 1972 India fought with Pakistan and freed East Pakistan and got the credit for formation of  independent Bangladesh. India never thought of ruling over Bangladesh though it could have.  India does not have a desire to fight any country to rule over it. Now when terrorists living in the Pakistan region started attacking  the  Indian Army camps, all that India did is  taught the terrorists a lesson, and India does not have any interest in encroaching the Pakistan territory. India has as its aim only to kill the evil and to control it.  “Surgical Strike” comes under this category.

Before giving birth to a boy or girl a pregnant woman suffers with labor pains.  After that the mother and child live with love. Similarly the Mother Earth is also about to give birth to a son called “peace”. Mother Earth is suffering with pains from terrorism etc. There is no doubt that the soon there will be peace in the world. But for this to happen along with India, America, Britain, China, Japan, France and other countries on the occasion of Vijayadashami should unite  and march forward. There is a need to take difficult actions to ensure that there is no terrorism in any form in any region. The intellectual power in the world should only be used for the progress of humanity.

Capable leadership
Presently India has a very capable leader. There is no doubt that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi India will reach great heights and will emerge as a world leader. The armed forces in India have earned the reputation of the best forces in the world. The Rishies in Himalayas along with the yogis in the country, all those endowed with divine powers and embodiments of the Divine are using their powers to make India a powerful country. India will be well prepared to face any kind of adverse situation.

Uprooting Poverty

All the countries in the world should come up with plans and implement them to eradicate poverty. Effort should be made to provide every person with food, clothing, shelter education and medical facilities and other basic necessities. To provide the basic necessities to eradicate poverty is as necessary as the progress and wellbeing. Steps should be undertaken to ensure that people don’t suffer from diseases like Ebola.  Steps should be implemented to directly provide employment opportunities to youth to ensure that they don’t tread on the wrong path.