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Swamiji presided over the Panchanga Release ceremony organized by Bhakti TV on the ocassion of Ugadi on March 21st 2015 in Hyderabad. This program was live telecast by Bhakti TV.

Swamiji's Message during Ugadi Celebrations organised by Bhakti TV, March 21st 2015

Article in Andhra bhoomi

Translation of above Article

The aim of all the yoiges is that India should be a powerful country. Speaking in the Bhakti TV auditorium in a special program organized on the occasion of Manmadha naama Ugadi , Viswamjee said that soon India will be in a leading position in the world. Because India is becoming strong America, China and other countries are coming forward to work with India, and the reason for the leaders of leading counties of the world visiting India is also for the same reason. He indicated that everyone should understand the Sanataana dharma which is useful to the whole world.  Yogic science which is India’s inherited wealth has been recognized by all the countries of the world and the United Nations Organization has gone one step ahead and declared “Yoga Day”, he said. All the intellectuals in the world should leave mutual differences and work for world peace and the Indian Sanaatana dharma mainly desires world peace, Swamiji said. Swamiji has called for India and America to work together to free the world from turmoil and completely destroy terrorism. He expressed the idea that if America and India come together the other countries in the world will follow. Religion should not come in the way of human development and people should remove the veil of religion  and work for world peace Swamiji added. Sri Viswamjee reminded that it is the responsibility of all the human beings to keep the five elements free of pollution.