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Swamiji's Message to World leaders & Intellectuals
Unity is our Strength, Humanity is our Life

Save the Mother Earth, Protect the Mother Earth. The human being is neglecting and interfering with nature and polluting the nature causing changes in the layers of the Earth and this is the cause for the Natural calamities we are seeing today. Mother Earth is the basis for all the people and all the countries. It is giving us a big hug with affection in the form of gravitational force and is taking us into its magnetic field. The Earth, Solar System and Universe are composed of the same five elements and are by nature integrated. The five elements inside the Earth and outside the earth have to be in equilibrium. Any small disturbance in the equilibrium will cause adverse situations in the form of natural calamities. If nature declares a war then even the greatest nations of the world can't do anything other than consoling themselves.

Much more damage was expected from the Earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami that followed, but the yogic power has reduced the damage and protected the entire world. Take a lesson from this and in the next 10 years protect the Mother Earth using the intellectual power given by the Lord. Today if man is reason for the progress in the world he is also the reason for the unrest, natural calamities and destruction in the world. Today we are facing danger from the earth and also the hidden atomic weapons. God has endowed man with knowledge and we should use this knowledge properly and make this world an abode of peace. Protecting the five elements, the universe and earth is our responsibility. In this time of need the whole world and society should unite and lend a helping hand to the people of Japan.



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