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Swamiji's Message on the ocassion of Navarathri & Vijayadashami
September 19th - September 28th 2009





I whole heartedly desire on this Vijaya Dashami that the entire humanity should be blessed with the two victories namely Love & peace. I convey My Blessings for your victory in all endeavors.

The victory of Divine forces over the demonic forces is what Vijaya Dashami is all about.  Fighting those demonic forces which harm the society, cause turmoil in the society and cause pain to the humanity and bring peace to the society  and to bring about love, kindness and compassion  in the society is the aim of the Navarathri festival and Vijaya Dashami.

 That Divine Mother, whom we have given a form, is in reality the Divine power, the all pervading Universal Cosmo electric power that has created the universe and sustains it, and also destroys those forces that are trying to harm this universe. This power we call Adi Parashakti is the unified power, of the power of Will (Ichha Shakti), power of knowledge (Gyana shakti) and power of Action (Kriya shakti) which transmits a part of itself in every human being and strengthens the person, especially she endows the righteous person with much strength and through that person accomplishes the task she has to accomplish. 

This entire infinite Universe made up of infinite nebulas and solar systems, was at one time a single point. Due to Divine will, first the primordial sound OM emanated, and immediately came the power of Will (Lakshmi), followed by power of Knowledge (Saraswati) and immediately followed by power of Action (Parvathi) and this entire Universe came into existence. This is the real truth and even scientists accept it as the Big Bang theory and the ancient Rishies have been propounding it. If you observe the infinite universe you will be surprised.  If we go up and look at the earth we live on, it will appear as a planet, and there are many such planets going around the sun, the solar system is a part of the nebula and there are many such solar systems. The whole of this universe is being governed by the Cosmo electromagnetic power, which we call Adi Parashakti out of devotion, and scientists call it the universal power. This universe is really infinite. If this infinite divine universal power has to do good through a human form, then it has to make that person powerful, and through the person sees that there is righteousness and goodness in the society. During this Navarathri, this Mother takes different forms and kills the demons Chanda and Munda and Mahishasura and we worship her as Mahishasura Mardhini.

The celebration of Navarathri is to destroy the animal instinct and demonic nature in us and awakens the Divine power that is hidden in us, and leads us from humanity to divinity, and this is the aim and goal of Shakti worship. Before the Navarathri, the fortnight of Mahalaya Paksha is the time for us to offer respect to our ancestors (Pitru Devatas). There is a great need to pay our gratitude to our parents, grandparents and other who have given us this body and are responsible for our existence, and seek their blessings.  Before we receive the divine power during Navarathri, it is our duty to pay respect to our ancestors, so we observe the Mahalaya paksha to become competent to receive the Divine Energy.

Though we observe Navarathri for nine days, in reality we have to worship Shakti from Padyami of Aswija Month to Poornima, for fifteen days. The divine power has sixteen kalas (Facets), so on each day we have to worship these sixteen facets and through proper worship endow ourselves with these kalas, and enlighten the divine power in us; this is the method of the Shakti worship. From Padyami to Poornima, we have to worship one kala on each day, and on the Poornima we have to worship the 16th kala, and make the 16 kalas our own. On the midnight of Poornima, we have to receive the sushmna ray, the 16th kala which comes from the moon into our body and strengthen ourselves. We have three nerve currents in the spinal cord our body, the ida, pingala and sushmanna. From the sushmana nerve, the kundalini power goes up when it is enlightened, the aim of the sushmanna nerve is to pull that sushumna ray from the mooladhara to the sahasraram in the head.  The rays from the other planets are pulled into our body through the sahasraram which acts as a dish, and we transform into an embodiment of power. This is the philosophy of Shakti worship and goal of the Navarathri worship. The methods of worship may be different, forms may be different, names may be different but the aim and goal is the same, to transform us into centers of power and journey from humanity to divinity and transform ourselves into embodiments of divinity, to transform our normal body to a cosmic body, in other words transform man into God. This is the real truth.

Body is the temple, and heart is the altar of the Lord. This body is the boon bestowed on us by the Lord to put it to proper use and do something good. “Sareera madhyam, khalu dharma sadhanam”. This body is an instrument given to us by the Lord to do our duty in this world. So use the body properly. Realize  the truth that this body and mind are gift of the Lord and remember the proclamation of Sanaatana Dharma namely “Deho Devalaya Prokthaha” i.e. Body is the temple of the Lord, and  “jeeva bhootha sanaatana” i.e the jeeva in this body is the Lord,  and put this body to proper use and march forward putting these proclamations into practice, thereby transform into embodiments of love and peace and reach a state where you move from mortality to immortality, move from darkness to light, from untruth to truth,  and transform into embodiments  of divine power. This is the goal of the Navarathri.

I wish that this Vijayadashami   bestows peace and happiness to the whole humanity. I bless all the people to unite and work towards making the nation an ideal nation. May you be victorious.

My Divine Blessings to all on the ocassion of Navarathri and Vijaya Dashami.

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

Swamiji's Message on the significance of Mahalaya Paksha/Pitru Paksha
September 5th - September 18th 2009

The Mahalaya Paksha, is the fortnight (after the Poornima till Amavasya) before the beginning of the Navaratri . This is a very important time, and time to pay gratitude and respect to our parents and ancestors who are the cause for our very birth and existence and played an important role in our lives directly or indirectly. Paying gratitude to parents and ancestors is the first and foremost duty of each and every person.

Just as we pay rent to the house owner if we live in a house, so also since we are using the body given by our parents and ancestors we have to pay rent in the form of service to if they are living and in the form of respect if they are not alive, serving the ancestors with “shradha” is what is needed, and hence the word Shrardha. One should offer shradha to the deceased ancestors on the specific date of the mahalaya paksha corresponding to the date of the deceased one.

By serving the ancestors and pleasing them, and getting their grace we become competent to receive the blessings of the divine mother when the Navarathri begins.

Swamiji conveys His Divine blessings to all.


Swamji's message on the First death anniversary Mr. Madhavapedy Radhakrishna Murthy Garu.

Swamiji has conveyed that it does not befit any one to grieve over the passing away of Sri Madhavapeddy Radhakrshna Murthy garu who was a prominent advocate and served as Secretary & President of Hindu College Guntur, Legal advisor for many organizations, President of many social organizations, left his mortal body on September 17th  at 7:00 PM last year, 2008, merging with Sai. During his lifetime he did a lot of service and stood as support and help to many people and gained fame and admiration of all.

Swamiji has said that Sri Madhavapeddi Radhakrishna Murthy  has a permanent place in the heart of Viswayogi, and a prominent place in Viswamandiram. He has become a Chiranjeevi(Immortal) after leaving his physical body and merging in Sai and it does not befit any one to grieve or feel bad about his passing away.  Many years ago, when Swamiji asked Sri Madhavapeddi Radhakrishna Murthy , “What do you want?”. Sri  Radhakrishna Murthy replied, “I don’t want another life after this, I want to merge in YOU”. “Yat Bhavam, Tat Bhavati” ,” He has merged in Sai, and there is no rebirth for Him. He is a Punya Jeevi(Holy), Dhanya Jeevi(Blessed) and a Karma yogi”, said Swamiji.

On this ocassion Swamiji has conveyed his divine blessings to Smt. Madhavapeddy Radhakrishna Murthy, and said it soes not befit to grieve for Sri Radhakrishna Murthy, but one should strive to work towards what he worked for.


Article in Andhrabhoomi, Friday Sep 4th 2009