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November 2007

This month features :

Thanksgiving, November 22nd2007

Swamiji conveys His Divine Blessings to all on the ocassion of Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is the auspicious day when all family members meet at one place and eat together, spend time together, merging and mixing their minds and hearts together. They thank their elders and give presents and express their gratitude for all that they have done and do.

Guru is the universal mother. Guru is more than mother, Guru is more than father, Guru is the teacher, and He is a friend indeed. On this ocassion it is our duty to convey our regards to Guru/Lord, and express our gratitude for all the blessings He bestows on us.

Nagula Chavithi, November 14th 2007

Swamiji has conveyed His Divine Blessings to all on the ocassion of Nagula Chavithi. On this day the Snake God is worshipped and milk is offered at the snake Hill. Swamiji has conveyed that the significance behind this is that Snake actually is symbolic of the kundalini in our body. Just as each one of us has kundalini, the universe also has a kundalini - the Viswa Kundalini or Universal Kundalini, and this is the day to worship and enlighten our kundalini, and thereby get enlightened.



Datta Jayanthi, December, 23rd 2007,
Datta Diksha



Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj, who is verily the embodiment of Lord Dattatreya, would be giving Diksha to the devotees on 13th November 2007 . Devotees who would like to take this Diksha can do so and follow the under given rules and regulations until December 23rd December 2007 . This has to be followed for 40 days starting from 13th November 2007 to December 23rd 2007 or for 20 days starting from December 3rd to December 23rd 2007. This Diksha would be ending on the 23rd of December along with the Datta Jayanti function. The rules for following this Diksha are as follows:


  1. Every morning do pada puja to Swamijee’s paduka’s and keep reciting “Om Sri Sai Ram Gurudeva Datta” as many times as possible. Also recite the  Viswaashtakam.
  2. Read the Viswaguru Charitra as many times as possible during these 40 days (try to finish atleast one time). Also read the Viswaratnamala .
  3. In food and behaviour one needs to follow rules.
  4. Couples should practice Brahmachariya(celibacy) during this period
  5. Eating meat, drinking alcohol and smoking are prohibited during this period.
  6. One could have regular lunch and during dinner time try to take fruits/tiffin
  7. Do not consume food available in the shops (ready eats)
  8. Eat Satvik food. Avoid Masalla’s, Basin-flour fried food and also root vegetables
  9. Sleep on a wooden bed or on the floor over a mat
  10. To keep the mind at ease,  avoid watching TV and movies. Also avoid reading novels and detective books.
  11. If it is not possible to start the Diksha on the above date, they could start the Diksha on 3rd December and continue till 23rd December (as a half mandala Diksha i.e. 20 days)
  12. For Women, during period time, they discontinue the Diksha and continue it after the 5 days till the end of the Diksha (23rd Dec)
  13. As far as possible avoid eating at other’s houses as that would add their karmic faults to you in doing so.
  14. For the working people, if they are traveling as a requirement of their job, they could take food in the restaurants.
  15. For those who follow the Diksha obeying all the rules, they would come out fine of any diseases or ailments that they may be having .
  16. For all those who follow the Diksha strictly, they would be bestowed with Viswaguru’s blessings and also attain strength, happiness and peace.




November 9th 2007



Swamiji's Divine Message on ocassion of Diwali.

In the past, this day is the historic day when the demon Narakasura who was causing terror on the earth was killed by Satyabhama with Krishna as the charioteer. Adi Parashakti incarnated as "Stri" to eliminate Narakasura who was creating unrest on the earth. Today we find many Narakasuras. Deepavali has to be observed as a day for getting rid of all the bad qualities in us, symbolized by the demon Narakasura. Each of us has to fight and destroy the demonic forces within each by resorting to Sathya (Truth). As such every man has to become one Sri Krishna. Every lady has to become a Sathyabhama and must become valarous. Every lady must illumine her house by conquering human hearts with divine love. Thereby violent tendencies and evil circumstances disappear

The inner meaning underlying the Diwali should be rightly understood. Note, for instance, the fact that the whole array of lamps are lit by the light from one lamp. That one lamp symbolizes the Supreme Effulgent Lord. The others symbolize the light in individual selves. The truth of the Vedic saying, "The One willed to become the Many" is exemplified by the lighting of lamps by the flame of one. The Deepavali festival thus bears out the profoundest spiritual truth.

The lamp points to another significant fact. Wherever it may be placed, the flame goes upwards only and never moves down. Likewise, the flame of Jnana (Spiritual Wisdom) leads one to a sublime level through the path of Righteousness. Everyone should endeavor to adhere to Truth. Truth is God. With faith in God and adherence to Truth, all demonic forces can be vanquished.

On this ocassion I call upon all the people of the world to unite and work to destroy the elements that are causing unrest in the society and make this earth an abode of peace. It is my wish that the Diwali, the festival of lights should take us from darkness of poverty to the light of prosperity, from darkness of sorrow to light of happiness and it should dispel the darkness of ignorance from the lives of men, and lead them to the light of knowledge, thereby filling everyones life with peace and prosperity.

On this ocassion It is my wish that all of you should fill your heart with humanity and make an united effort to bring about peace and happiness and make this earth an abode of peace.

Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj






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