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Article in Namaste Telengana, 24th February 2013
(Based on interview by Namaste Telengana)


 Translation of above article in Namaste Telengana

Caring for  nature  will give  Lords Rama's protection

Of the seven continents the Asian continent is special. It is the birthplace of all the religions.  In this the importance that the Indian subcontinent has is different.  It is the      of  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.  It is a land of devotion where spiritual  Gurus are considered as Gods.  That is why  everyone from the first  person of the country  to the common man fold their hands and offer salutations  to all the Swamijis. Our Spiritual Gurus are taking the great responsibility of  setting a spiritual path which is  the essence of all the religions   helping the common man to tread that spiritual path.  That is why not only the developing countries but even the developed countries are emerging as disciples.  This is what Viswamjee, who is one such Guru is saying ....

From my childhood itself  I observed the environment an situations.   I understood all types of practices, all types of worship, the essence of all religions. Are there so many forms of God in the world? SO many types of religions? Fights in the names of these religions?   Again divisions among each religion. And fight in the name of Saivism and Vaishnavism. To know what is the real reason behind all this I did penance for 21 years. Then I came to know that there is only one power that is sustaining the entire universe.  That is the Adi Hara, or Adi Sankara or that only is Adi Narayana. I came to know that by whatever name you call the power or worship the power, it is only one power.  During the time I did my penance I searched for the truth and evolved as Viswamjee. This truth is not something which  I have gained by  merely reading books  or someone preaching it to me, I have known this with my own experience. I took Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as an ideal. I  did penance according to all the religions.  I practiced the Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and all such religions. I learnt by practicing the tenets of Saivism, Vasihnavism and Ganapatyam(worship of Lord Ganesha) in Hinduism  that the same thing is there in all these sects. Our body is a power center. That is the secret. That is "Anando Brahma"  meaning "Joy is Brahma" . Yoga is the process where  man enlightens the Kundalini power in himself  merges it with   the kundalini power of the universe. Kundalini power is the pure and infinite effulgence. Merging our mind with the universal mind is yoga. Kundalini power is the embodiment of pure and infinite splendor. Yoga is nothing but merging our mind with the universal mind. The person who does so is a yogi. That is the goal of human life.


Viswamjee was born on March 5th 1944 to Smt. Varalakshmi amma and Sri Anjaneyulu in Guntur. He was born due to grace of Lord Kasi Viswanatha, and so he was Viswanatha Sastry. His family name is Gurrapadia. The abbreviation of Gurrapadia G. added at the end of his name , and his name became ViswamJee. Viswamjee got initiation (Upadesham) in Jadcherla, from Guru Sri Dattatreya Wadekar Maharaj. After that he did severe penance for 21 years and with many experiences gained from that, he is touring the world and undertaking many service programs for world peace and welfare of all human beings in the world.

Composed of five elements

Sanaatana Dharma is not a religion. It is the home of all that is preached in different religions This means Sanaatana dharma is the universal way of life for all human beings of the universe. It tells only one truth. Body is the temple. Our body has not just six chakras but in addition there are two more chakras. One is the gnana chakra and the second one is ananda chakra. That is why the Mother Goddess is referred to as one with eight chakras and one who bestows the 8 siddhis or 8 forms of wealth. The human body is composed of five elements. With sincerity if we control the five sense organs (indriyas) and see with the eye of knowledge, you will see the bloomed lotus with 8 petals in the 100 petalled lotus. That is the ananda chakram or Guru sthanam. Another example of this is Tirupati. After climbing the seven hills, at the end where we reach id the ananda nilayam or abode of peace. This is the inner meaning of life. Sanaatana Dharma has given us many such examples. This is not against anyone or anything. To decode it is difficult. But if you decode it the whole world will become beautiful.

Knowledge of Vedas is Knowledge of Science

In olden days our Rishies and Vedic scholars have described many things about the world in the vedas. Our Vedas say that the human brain has two parts. Today Science also says the same thing. The right side is Siva and left side is Shakti. This can be considered as Krishna + Radha. One side of the brain controls the other side of the body. The union of these two sides is Subramanya Swami. In the same way our Rishies have described the atom. Analytically today's scientists also say that atom can't be further divided.  Today after further studies they are giving many more theories.  Some thousand years ago  we said that  atom has nucleus in the center. This atomic theory was discovered by Kanva Maharishi.  The fact that by changing the proton count  we can create new atoms was told by our ancient scientists. Similarly the first surgery  in the world was performed by Sushruta. He was the one who stated that the  human body has 12 secret centers. These centers have amazing power hidden in them, and by applying pressure physically or mentally on these centers we can accomplish amazing deeds was stated by Susrutha. Today this is called  a secret science or Guru Vidya. There are many such details in the Vedas. But what can be done if those who are trying to describe them are not rise to that level. There is nothing that can be done.  Whatever is said in the Vedas is the real truth and will be definitely proved.

Love, Knowledge, Action ... Life

21 is a divine number. Let us examine how this is so. If a person does penance (sadhana) he can gain control over the three knots (grandhis) in the body. Hrid grandhi is in the heart, it is also called Vishnu Grandhi and Lakshmi resides in the Hrid grandhi. That is power of will or Iccha shakti. To unlock this know it takes 12 years. In the brain is the Brahma grandhi. This is called Chit grandhi or Saraswathi grandhi. To unlock this it takes 6 years. Due to this a person gets amazing knowledge. The Rudra grandhi is there in the spinal cord. This is called Durga grandhi or atma grandhi. To unlock this it takes 3 years. This is action endowed. So if one does penance for 21 years the three power centers  or grandhis can be locked . These three together through the Brahma Rudram transform onto divine instrument, form of God, or yogis. They are as messengers preaching the right path in society and do the Gods work. Love + Knowledge+  Action is life. This infinite universe at one time was a small dot. Due to the Universal will there was an explosion and the infinite universe came into existence. This today the scientists call the big bang theory. First the will, then from that the dot, then the "OM sound" were created. From power of will came power of knowledge, and from power of knowledge came power of action. The whole universe is composed of five elements. That is why the Vishnu Sahasranama tells us the relationship between Vishnu and the Universe.

Don't Interfere with Nature

Human beings are using their intellect for destructive purposes. They are disturbing the balance between the five elements of nature. This is what I said in the United Nations conference on global warming. We should not have wars. We should see to it that nature does not declare a war on us. Which means that humans should not interfere with nature. Do not destroy nature. Now the Mother Earth is in great danger. We should protect our Mother Earth from that danger. We should save the nature. We should not cause harm to other living beings.  We should immediately stop manufacturing of atomic weapons and the whole world should become one family, and those countries which are prosperous should help countries that are not prosperous.  We should protect the nature. Then we will have the protection of Lord Rama. Now if it comes to religion, every religion   preaches only  love. We should grow that love. We should love our parents, family, language and country. You should love other religions also. We should imbibe the good in all religions. Violence in the name of religion is not civilized.  Human should learn to love other humans. All religions preach only this.

Incidents that give joy

Some time back when I was touring Seattle, USA  I participated in the birthday celebrations of Rishi Babu, son of Dr. Madhuri and Madhu Babu. He was four years old then. Many people came for the celebrations. All those people got gifts for him. He came to me with all those gifts and said, "Grandfather, take all these gifts and use them for treatment of the poor patients in the hospital." Saying this, he went away. At that moment my eyes filled with tears of happiness.  My desire to fill the whole world with the purity and love, that was in the boy grew stronger in me. Another such incident happened when I was touring Dharmapuri in Karimnagar Dt. I went to an old lady's house, she was about 100 years old.  She took me inside with affection and put 3, 1 Rupee coins in my hands.  She said, "Lord I can't give you hundreds or thousands of Rupees like others. For the  service activities that you are undertaking for  the welfare of the people, I can't give more than 3 Rupees as my share, please don't think otherwise." I said, "Mother, you think that it is just 3 Rupees, you want to support a good cause and because of that desire in you that 3 Rupees  for me  equal to 3 Crores Rupees." Thinking that it is the order of the Universal Mother, I have kept the Rs. 3 in my pooja room. The memories of these two incidents have given me unforgettable happiness and joy.

Result of that is the Dilsukhnagar incident

What ever the religion, or whatever the caste all are human! All the people should bid farewell to hatred and with love all should try to create a new society. It is a matter of sorrow that we  are not understanding what is said in the Sanaatana Dharma. Every incident where man is trying to destroy nature just because he is prospering causes sorrow to me. Today what man needs is food, shelter, cloth, education and medical facilities. To bring these within the reach of everyone is the goal. According to the UNO, today 36 countries are below the poverty line. The countries which are prosperous should provide the above five to all the other countries which are suffering from lack of these five basic necessities. In the name of development what is needed is not going to other planets, but our foremost duty is to protect our own planet. That is why the message I give to the society, "Awake, Open your eyes, unite and save and protect the Mother Earth." Today intellect is taking the wrong path. The result of this is the incident in Dilsukhnagar.  They used so much intellectual power to cause an explosion and kill human beings. If the intellect had been used for the welfare then many thousands would have benefitted, isn't it? Today scientists and intellectuals due to their personal dissatisfaction  are becoming slaves to unlawful political forces. This not only causes harm to them but also causes harm to the whole world. Intellectual power  should be  dedicated for the service of mankind. That is the real meaning of life.

Between America and India ....

In the past the temples used to provide for food, education, medical services , home and cloth. They used to provide everything for everyone and make them tread the right path. That is why we should try to remove the social evil that have crept in some time in between and try to create an equal society.  If we see the difference between India and America. In spiritual path they are giving importance to find the truth. even in America there is poverty. There are sufferings.  Even then they are trying to find out the truth, and this is a matter of happiness. Here many people are visiting temple and holy places for their personal benefit or to have their desires satisfied. It is very bad that those who have food are throwing it in the garbage can, when there are people who are suffering with lack of food to eat. If you help those in need or feed the needy, it is as good as serving the Lord. Service to humanity is service to Lord. That is state of joy. In India there is no shortage of vegetation (food). We have to make proper use of it. By 2025 our country will surely emerge as a super power.  I tell only one thing ... offer two flowers to this Mother Earth. There is no need to go and buy them They are in our body itself. One is the heart (hridaya pushpam) and second is mind (mano pushpam). It is enough to offer these with love and peace. Mother Earth and Supreme Lord desire only this. May all the people be happy.