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Medical Camp in Viswanagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
May 20th 2012


Medical Camp in Viswanagar, May 20th 2012

490 patients examined at Free Mega Medical Camp

Free mega medical camp for the month of May was conducted on 20.05.2012 (3rd Sunday) at VIMS – Mother & Child Care Hospital, Viswanagar, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.  Patients totaling to 490 suffering with various diseases have attended the camp for medical checkup.

            This camp is conducted with the “Divine Blessings of H.H. Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj, Founder Chairman of the Hospital, Guntur as usual and as continuous project without any interruption in since 1998. 

            Eminent doctors from Hyderabad and local doctors at Guntur in various faculties have attended the camp and examined all patients suffering with various diseases and prescribed tests and costly medicines for the entire month and distributed freely.

            Necessary blood tests, x-ray, ECG, and Ultrasound, and other clinical tests have been done in the Hospital laboratory freely.  Eye screening done to 115 patients and 43 nos. of spectacles have been distributed freely along with costly medicines.  In this month cataracts surgeries done to 8 Eye patients. In addition to the above special camp conducted on 3rd Sunday of every month, daily patients visiting hospital have been examining by residential Doctors and other doctors in hospital outpatient department regularly for the last several years.  Medicines have been given to patients freely, clinical and costly other test done freely in the hospital.

            The total no. of patients i.e. males & females including Old & New cases are furnished below O.P. wise :


Name of the O.P.

Total No. of Patients


General Medicines









Gastro Enterology












Total :



            The following doctors have attended the camp and extended their voluntary services. 

  1. Dr. M. Sridhar, M.S., Ophthalmologist
  2. Dr. K. Dattatreyasastry, M.D., Physician
  3. Dr. M. Rajarajeswari, M.D. D.G.O., Gynecologist
  4. Dr. G.R. Srinivasa Rao, M.D. D.M., Gastroenterologist
  5. Dr. T. Geetha Krishna, M.B.B.S., Gynecologist
  6. Dr. N. Peraiah, M.D., Pediatrician
  7. Dr. U. Rama Krishna, Chest Specialist
  8. Dr. Y. Madhava Naidu, Physician
  9.           Swatika, (Junior Doctor)


Swamijee visited the camp and seen all O.P Rooms and discussed with Doctors and Patients.  Swamijee visited hospital laboratory, E.C.G, X-ray, and newly erected Ultrasound equipment.  Dr. K. Sushil Kumar, Radiologist, has explained to Swamijee.  Swamijee asked the patients whether free medical aid is reaching to them or not.  Some of the patients have expressed that they are fully receiving all the medical facilities here and they have satisfied and expressed their gratitude to Swamijee.  Some of the patients have informed to Swamijee that long chronic cases which are not cured previously at Private Hospitals were cured here with the divined blessings of Swamijee.

            Mr. & Mrs. Akula Koteswara Rao, convener Viswamanava Samaikyata Samsat, Supervised and all arrangements made to conduct the camp successfully.  Samsat Volunteers Male and Female participated and extended their voluntary services.


(p. subba rao)