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Divine March 2010

Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace


November 24th - December 5th 2010
August 4th - August 5th 2010


 Swamiji in Washington DC Area, November 25th – 27th 2010

Thanks Giving was celebrated in the Washington DC Metro area . On the November 25th Saamohika Viswa Datta Vratam was performed in the Siva Vishnu Temple Maryland. Devotees from all over the country attended the function to pay gratitude to Swamiji for all that he does for the people.

Speaking on the occasion Swamiji said that Thanks Giving day is a day to offer gratitude to our parents who are cause for our physical exixtence, especially the mother who has given us birth. Even our Sanaatana Dharma has given a very special place to the mother, and said Matru Devo Bhava. Swamiji said that all that we need to sustain is provided for by nature. Nature is the doctor, teacher and navigator, so the nature should be worshipped. Those who give us love, we should offer our all to them, and show our gratitude.

Swamiji said the essence of his message is that one should always be in a position where there should be never a reason to say sorry, and also we should do such deeds that we should receive thanks from everyone, for the help we render. Being able to receive the Thanks of people is much more important than thanking people for the help we receive. Then man becomes a man of victory. This message is my thanksgiving gift to all of you, Swamiji said.

According to Swamiji, the gift we need to give to Swamiji is placing all our burdens, worries & tensions on Swamiji, and doing our duty.

On the 27th November, in the JSS Spiritual Center, in Maryland, Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam was performed by the devotees. Speaking on the occasion Swamiji said that there was a great need to spread the teachings of Sanaatana dharma to the society.

Swamiji said that Sri sakthi was a combination of power of will, power of knowledge and power of action. This Sri sakthi is Sr Mahalakshmi or Mahakameswari. To be powerful we have to endow ourselves with the Sri power. Sanaatana dharma does this through the Sreemantham function performed when the child is in the mother’s womb itself.

Universal Integration & Peace are the nature of the universe, and this is the reason why Swamiji gives so much importance to peace & integration. Consider our human body, there is one nervous system, one circulatory system and so on, only when all these are integrated the body is healthy. In reality by nature we are integrated. If you don’t want to integrate then you will collapse. Because we are not willing to integrate we are having problems, and there is no peace.

Swamiji said that Goddess Lakshmi is the presiding deity of love and unity. Whenever there is power of Lakshmi there is love and unity and peace follows.





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