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SAI, who emanated as Divine incarnation manifested as VISWA YOGI today. SAI and VISWA YOGI are one and the same with no difference. VISWA SAI is verily the bestower of love and peace.


In the physical person of Sri Viswamji, Sri Jammulamadaka Madhavarama Sarma had the blissful vision of Viswa Yogi Brahma. Sri Tadepalli Raghava Narayana Sastri beheld lord Dattatreya in Viswamji and Srimati Chunduri Kameswaramma saw Sri Shirdi Sai in Viswamji. Sri Vidyasagara Sarma witnessed the blessed Sai Datta in the person of Viswamji and thus declared to the world that Viswamji incarnated as a union of these divine facets.


Sri Shirdi Sai appeared as the embodiment of all deities to the devotees and strove for coordination of all the religions and faiths. He took upon himself the effects of the store of previous karmic deeds to expend them and thus freed them from painful consequences. Sai gave experiences to each one of his devotees individually.   Through his miraculous leelas or deeds removed the nescience or lack of wisdom. So also Sri Viswamji in his inimitable way demonstrated the prime facet of Sai Datta nature as being its own. It comes easily to the understanding of all the events and anecdotes of the SAI times are re-occurring now in Viswamji’s time with change of names. The preaching and instructions of this Sadguru, the great Teacher, we understand as the illuminated light poles, radiating brilliance and acting as path finders to the humanity, who are tossed up and down by the waves of the ocean of Samsara or worldly life. These teachings are our wayfarers, and torch bearers. Awareness of the excellence of these teaching is unraveled by our own experiences granted to us by Viswamji. SAI BABA had command over and commanded five elements. Similarly Viswamji commands the five elements. Wherever there is upheaval in the universe Viswamji begins propitiatory rites for the restoring of peace and tranquillity. The members of Universal family of Viswamji had positive proofs of how his efforts brought normality in the universe dispelling dark clouds and all these events were always fore told by Sri Viswamji. In the first chapter of this book, it was related as to how Viswamji stopped a raging fire from scorching. He took upon himself diseases of his devotees to save them. He granted vision of different deities and Gods to his devotees. He shaped and formed the future of his devotees for good, through the efficacious utterance of his hallowed word. He gave initiations to the seekers and devotees. In this chapter too, some such events are written. Viswamji stopped rain by his command.


Once a big felicitation civic reception was arranged for Sri Marri Ravindra Reddy, son of Sri Marri Channa Reddy, in Guntur on his arrival into the city in the Hindu College premises.  By the evening, and around the meeting time, the sky was overcast with black clouds portending torrential rain. The organizers ran to Sri Viswamji and prayed, with a benedictory smile on his face Sri Viswamji prophesied that God of rain would not obstruct a meeting organised to felicitate a devoted son (Ravindra Reddy) who is an embodiment of devotion for his father, and whose debt, he redeemed. God of rain too would shower flowers. ‘Go ahead’ was the word of Viswamji. The meeting was attended by thousands of invitees, and went on very well. Except for a small drizzle there was no rain. But it rained torrentially around Guntur and in all the outskirts. After the meeting and after all people reached their homes, there was a downpour of rain with thunder and lightening.


Once Sri Vidyasagara Sarma arranged a function in his house “Mother’s worship” Matru Puja. He invited Sri Viswamji also informing that a feast was also arranged. Viswamji interjected saying “why food and feast arrangement now”. On second thoughts and on looking intently at Sri Vidyasagara Sarma for a couple of seconds, Viswamji assented for the same and said ‘please proceed’.  On the day of celebration of Mother’s worship, dark clouds enveloped the whole of Guntur and the atmosphere was set for heavy rain. In the yard of the house, cooking was being done. The impending rain appeared to ruin all the cooked food material. With no facility to transfer cooking process inside the house, all were stricken with fear and were in a fix not knowing what to do. But Vidyasagara Sarma was fearless since Sai Datta, Viswamji has blessed the whole endeavor and took it as an acid test for their faith and devotion. Sai Datta would not let down his faithful devotees. So saying Sri Sarma ordered cooking and other feeding arrangements to be done. Being so free in mind and firm in his faith Sri Sarma went out to look after other arrangements. Miraculously in about half-hours time all clouds disappeared and sunshine appeared to everybody’s delight. Similar experience was faced at the time of constructing the Universal Integration Pillar at Viswanagar. Workers were preparing concrete pillars and beams. Gale winds and clouds appeared and threatened the effort. In case it rained, all the concretised material and cement would melt away into waste. Viswamji looked at the sky once in a commanding mood and instructed the builders to proceed with the work. He assured that no rain will occur. Be assured, he proliferated courage into the workers who with redoubled enthusiasm began to work and complete process of building posts, beams and pillars. In an hours time they finished their work. In and around Viswanagar there was not a drop of rain. Two miles away from Viswanagar on the way to Guntur there was heavy rain inundating the roads and highway.


SAI BABA appeared to some as Lord Rama, as Panduranga to some others. He gave darshan to some devotees as Dattatreya Swamy, to some others as Vigneshwara. In other words, SAI BABA embodied in himself all the divine forms and demonstrated the totality of Divinity. So also Viswamji gave various visions to devotees in different God forms. In 1990, Viswamji gave the meditated vow to all and to Srimati Savitramma. She observed the procedures and duties of that worshipfully vowed activity. She was of the age of the mother of Viswamji. She bore maternal love towards Viswamji as also the adoration of a devotee to God and Guru. She prostrated to the feet of Viswamji daily and on that day, when she touched the feet of Viswamji she had the experience of an electric shock and was unconscious for half and hour. In that state, she was experiencing bliss supreme. The next day after assuming the religious vow, Viswamji was performing havan (homam) at Lord Vigneswara in the upstairs. At that time, Savitramma had the vision of Adi Sankaracharya in the person of Viswamji. After an hour, as Viswamji was walking, she witnessed lotus flowers of gold at the feet of Viswamji instead of his feet. Sri Prayaga Ramakrishna was on that day conversing with Viswamji, who showered flowers on his head. As the flowers dropped down, they appeared as the feet of Viswamji to Savitramma. Moreover she could see the flowers merging in the feet of Viswamji. On another day, Viswamji lit lamps near the Tulasi Tree in the yard and offered Coconut. Every one present made pranamas to the lights and left. In the turn of Savitramma, she saw Viswamji  at Tulasi tree, appearing as Lord Dattatreya, under the Audambar tree. She was in bliss supreme and experienced ecstasy.


“Mother is my knowledge, Amma is my all where with all”, said Sri Kondamudi Ramakrishna regarding Sri Jillellamudi Amma. When she left the mortal coil and assumed the formless divinity, he could not bear the separation, became inconsolable with grief, was crying, shouting, was going hither and thither and was searching for Mother every where. At that juncture, Masterjee (Viswamji) gave darshan to Ramakrishna, held him to his bosom, gave him divine love, tenderly fondled him and comforted him with  unique and blissful proximity and communion. All this was experienced by Ramakrishna. He was filled with inexplicable joy. He realized that the treasure (Mother) which he lost is regained through Masterji and he witnessed the dear Mother in Viswamji. Identical was the blissful experience of DR Jyotsna, Sri Eka Rajeswara Rao, Sri Valluri Rama Murthy and other dear devotees of Jillellamudi Mother. They all saw Mother in Masterjee.


Ramana of Krishna Nagar, near Guntur with the blessing of Masterjee recited as ordained religious rite Sri SAI SATCHARITA for Seven days. He took Masterjee as SAI BABA worshipped the Sandal of Masterjee with holy one hundred and eight names of SAI with betel leaves. During the Harati time (waving camphor light) Masterjee appeared as Shirdi Sai Baba to Ramana. His eyes were bedewed with tears of joy. After the Harati he prostrated to the feet of Masterjee. Till then, Viswamji was in deep meditative posture. He opened his eyes and inquired “Raman are you satisfied and happy”. From that moment, Ramana considers Masterjee as Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Some devotees call Masterjee as GURU, some others as Swamy. Still others call as Viswayogi, but Ramana addresses Masterjee as BABA.  Ramana was studying for B.Ed., Degree in Anantapur. He was fear stricken with the thought that there is none near and dear to him at Anantapur. He was praying intently to Shirdi Sai Baba. The same night Masterjee appeared to him in his dream,  patted him with affection and reassured him that he (Viswamji) is there to help and thus filled him with courage. Whenever and whereever  Ramana prays for Masterjee he appears and protects him.


Sri V. Sankaranarayana was working in 1990 as Town planning officer in Guntur. He got the photo of Masterjee in penance posture into  a life size enlargement and got it installed in Viswamandir after the Datta Jayanti celebrations. On the day of installation, of the photo from one of the matted hair, amrit oozed out, to the astonishment of all. This was witnessed by and attested to, by Sri Kandikatla Narasimha Rao, the then, Municipal councilor Chinavadlapudi Rama Mohan Rao, Sri Gobburi Satyanarayana and others. To Sri Madhavapeddi Radhakrishna Murthy, Masterjee gave darshan (appearance)  as Mataji Krishna Priya and Shirdi Sai Baba. To some other devotees Masterjee appeared as Lalita, Krishna and Rama. When Rama Subbaiah, the photographer, took a picture of Masterjee, the developed print came out with one head and 3 bodies. When photographed at another time, it came out as one body with three heads on it. It is the photo of Lord Dattatreya. The photocopies are to day adoring the Shrine rooms of many devotees in their houses.


Once Smt. Thota Rama Subbamma, elder sister of Gobburi Satyanarayana, visited Shirdi. In Shirdi Shrine at the Arati time, she was saluting Baba with folded hands looking stead fastly at Baba’s idol. Instead of Sai Baba she could see Masterjee’s form in Shirdi Sai’s idol.


Masterjee is SHIRDI SAI


Once Nagaramaneeswari wife of Rama Subba Rao of Pedanandipadu, a devotee was infected by Jaundice. She had unflinching faith in Masterjee as a Saviour, Protector and Doctor of Doctors. She never visited a doctor to get her Jaundice cured and reposed total faith in Masterjee. Sri Ramasubba Rao sitting at the photo of Viswamji prayed “that if you are really God, the Jaundice of my wife must get cured or reduced by tomorrow morning”. In a way this is a challenge to Divinity. The night Sai appeared in his dream and asked “Why do you blame me? What did I do?”. Rama Subba Rao was amazed and replies I did not blame you, Swamy. Baba questioned him “Did you not sit at my photo and request to cure the Jaundice of  your wife, before tomorrow.  Immediately Rama Subba Rao awoke and determined in himself that Sai and Masterjee are one and the same. The next afternoon he took wife to Doctor who examined her and said that she was normal and could find no disease. What a sea of difference between today and tomorrow. He repented for his behavior in  questioning Masterji “if ever you are God cure my wife by tomorrow”.


Removal of Acute Head-ache:


Like Sai Baba, Masterjee cures diseases in a miraculous way. In 1989, Rama Subba Rao was taking photographs in Viswamandir from morning to evening. Due to lack of rest he suffered acute headache. He was coming downstairs and Masterjee at that time was coming up the same staircase. Rama Subba Rao detailed his unbearable headache to Masterjee, who placed his fingers and hand on the head of Rama Subba Rao and held his head to his heart. The headache disappeared in the ecstasy. As he sat in the darshan line in Viswamandir, he was doing name japa, chanting of Mantra. Masterjee called him, and stroked his head affectionately with his hand. The headache disappeared.


Disappearance of Spots :


One day Masterjee visited the house of Karuna Sri, inquired about his welfare, gave to all the inmates  of the house his blessings. Till then, the eldest son of Karuna Sri, Jayakrishna Bapuji did not have much faith in the divinity of Masterjee. He used to think that Masterjee was an earnest seeker and sadhaka. However, he bent and gave pranams to the feet of Masterjee. Then Masterjee stroked twice with his hand on the back of Bapuji and wrote with his finger something. Masterjee left the place afterwards. Later Bapuji took of his shirt to take his bath. His wife noticing his back shouted with joy and said that the black spots on the back of Bapuji disappeared with the graceful touch of Masterjee’s boon bestowing hand. He used many medicines with no avail. He could realise the efficacy of the healing touch of Masterjee. From that moment, Bapuji took and accepted Viswamji as his “Guru” and Preceptor. On another occasion as Bapuji was rendering Pranams to Masterjee’s feet, Masterjee stroked a couple of times on Bapuji’s head and passed his finger in the hair of Bapuji all over the head and began to pluck away his hair. This action of Viswamji amazed everybody witnessing the same. Bapuji left for his home. He looked at his head carefully. Wonder of wonders, the black spots on his head disappeared. To get them cured Bapuji spent sizable amount of money. Bapuji gave heart-felt gratitude to Masterjee, who could cure the skin ailment with his divine touch.



Rain Stopped :


Masterjee performed a miracle in relation to the marriage of Bapuji’s daughter. One day Bapuji was sitting at the feet of Viswamji in Viswamandir. Viswamji looked at Bapuji and declared that Bapuji was going to celebrate the marriage of his daughter. The bridegroom was ready but paucity of funds held up the celebration. On the auspicious day of Srirama Navami of that year the couple(s) M.Radhakrishna Murthy and Akula Koteswara Rao, and Bapuji performed the Sitarama Kalyanam. As a consequence, Bapuji’s daughter Kalyana Bharati gains the luck of marriage. Bapuji could get to hand money from U.G.C arrears, fixed the auspicious Lagna (date) and the marriage was performed on a grand scale. It was raining for three days before the marriage day. Bapuji was stricken with fear but Masterjee blessed the marriage stating that it would be performed without any obstruction. From the previous day of marriage rain stopped. On the succeeding day of marriage celebration it rained heavily. Bapuji announced with gratitude, that Masterjee had stopped rain and got the marriage celebration performed in a big way giving joy to all.


Disease taken over :


Sri Ramasaran, (Kundurti Venkata Narasiah) visited Masterjee in December 1991 when Sri M.Radhakrishna Murthy, Karunasri, G.S. Rama Rao were all there. Sri  Kundurty Venkata Narasiah was suffering for long time with an oversized growth of flesh on the breast of his chest. Noticing this Masterjee massaged it with butter, sprinkled Vibuthi on it, gave ointment and asked Sri Venkata Narasiah to come after two days. If it had not healed he could consult specialist doctors. Instantaneously at the same time a boil formed on Masterjee’s body. He said it got formed then and there only. ‘For you it will bring relief’, said Masterjee. Karunasri inspected the formation of the boil on Masterjee’s body and confirmed it. Sri  Venkatanarasaiah exhuded happiness and smiled. Never again any occasion arose for Sri Venkatanarasaiah to come to Guntur to get his boil cured as necessity abated.


Jatti Business :


Shirdi Sai Baba forbade Damu Anna from doing Jatti Business (speculation business) in cotton and saved him from loss predicting the same in advance. Similarly, Masterjee made Sri Munagala Subramanyam from undertaking Jatti Business in Chillies. He was warned in advance. He was made to take away his share of investment and part ways with other partners. Masterjee made Mr. Subramanyam wait without selling his stock in trade for sometime. In the meanwhile the price of Chillies rose in the market. Sri Subramanyam then sold away his stock and redeemed all his debts. He was saved by Masterjee from insufferable losses.


Devotion of Sri Chandolu Sastry :


Masterjee went to Chandolu to invite Sri Tadepalli Raghavanarayana Sastry for the Guru Datta Jayanti celebrations. In company, Sri Madhavapeddi Radhakrishna Murthy, Valluru Jagannadham accompanied Masterjee. There Sri Sastry was so sick and was not able to move even. For three days previously he was not able to speak too. Viswamji sat on his bed, took Sastriji’s hand into his hand, and went into meditation. In five minutes, Sri Sastry gained energy to move and removed his covering blanket, sat on his bed. Masterjee was saluting Sastry with namaskarams, when Sastry held the hands of Masterjee. Looking affectionately at everybody and looking into the face of Masterjee intently, Sastri narrated the hallowed story of King Ambareesha, of times of yore. Ambareesha was the jewel of a devotee who could sit in proximity to Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka.


Lord Brahma asked the King, how could you come to Brahma Loka far above the Swargaloka. Then Ambareesha narrated all the worshipful endeavors made by him and the store of good merits earned by him. Brahma got angry at king Ambareesha for his egocentric narrations and assertions and was about to curse him. The Ambareesha submitted to Lord Brahma “Swamy I did not arrive at Brahma Loka as a resulting consequences of  meritorious acts”. When Brahma immediately asked him “How then did you come here and because of what great deeds”.  Ambareesha replied that “Maharshis of infinite knowledge and experts in Brahma Tatwa performed a great religious rite for world peace. I performed my duty of protecting the great Yagna (sacred performance). They were happy and blessed me saying that I would attain Brahma Loka. It is on the strength and effect of their great blessing, I attained the unattainable Brahma loka, and come here Swamy to your abode”. Lord Brahma felt happy at this statement of humility and devotion of Ambareesha. Brahma affirmed that the words of blessing of Maharshis were so efficacious and had powerful strength of fulfillment. So saying Lord Brahma bestowed the boon to stay in Brahma Loka as long as Lord Brahma resides there”. Completing the narration of this story, Sri Sastry said that “You all Brahmagnanis have come, pray give blessings to me? So requesting he looked at the face of  Sri Viswamji. Every body was struck with wonder at the pleasant and energetic conversation of Sri Sastry, who for the last three days was almost in a coma-like situation. Sri Viswamji with folded hands requested Sri Sastry for his blessings. Sastry held the hands of Sri Viswamji and wondered, should I give blessing to you? You must bestow blessings on all. You are verily the God, the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya”.


After a few days Sastry left his elemental body. On hearing about the demise of Sri Sastry, Masterjee went to Chandolu. As the body was being burnt on the funeral pyre, a lady of resplendent beauty, with cover on her head and face arose from the flames and went up. This sight mad the onlookers bewildered. It was concluded that Sri Sastry assumed the shape of Goddess Rajarajeswari, as he was an upasaka of Sri Devi and expert in Sri Vidya.


It was the sanctified spirit of Sri Devi that left the elemental body of Sri Sastry. The event was hailed as Sri Devi assuming her natural form and ascending to her loka as the great exit from the body of Sri Sastry. The great exit was comparable to the act of Datta Prabhu. Datta Prabhu got lord Parasurama perform the last ceremonial rites to Jamadagni and Renuka. Similarly, Viswamji attended the funeral of Sri Sastry and accelerated the ascent of Sri Sastry to the Loka of Lokamata, SRI DEVI.


Boy Found Out :


Sai Baba used to restore lost things to their owners through his grace. So also Masterjee performed these mysterious acts. The son of an Advocate in Guntur, by name Ravindranath residing in Naidupet, went to the shop to fetch a Glucose packet on 12th May, 1990 with a five rupee note but did  not return till 3:00 PM. A search for the boy began, and the boy was found no where. This matter was informed to a devotee of Masterjee Sri Shivaji Rao and they were proceeding to the Police Station to give a report. Midway they got an idea of reporting the matter to Masterjee before the Police. They proceeded apace to Viswamandir. Seeing them Masterjee told “the boy is in the House. Go and see and phone me”. On reaching home they saw the boy sleeping on the cot.


On another occasion Ravindranath parked his scooter in the District Court premises. After his work in the court, he returned and found his Scooter lost. He kept his men for vigilance in all the four main high ways and gave police complaint. He came to Masterjee, who said, “the scooter will be found and you will get it. It did not go beyond Guntur. As per the word of Prophecy of Masterjee, the Scooter was found at 7:00pm at the Railway Station.


Gobburi Satyanarayana was an ardent devotee for Masterjee. He loaded five lakh rupees worth of merchandise in a lorry belonging to Satyanarayana Lorry Transport, which he owns. This Lorry disappeared. Satyanarayana was in agony. He could not relish even food. He was praying to Masterjee in silence to enable him to recover the lost lorry. On an afternoon while he was sleeping somebody patted him saying “Awake”. Satyanaryana rose up and he could see Lord Vigneswara turned into Masterjee, who signaled to Satyanarayana “Come”. As he reached Masterjee, he applied Tilak to his forehead and asked Satyanarayana to “Go”. Satyanarayana got up from his sleep.


The search for the Lorry continued and Satyanarayana went to Kota in Rajasthan, where he met a person belonging to Nagpur. Satyanarayana learnt from this gentlemen that the load in the Lorry was sold in Nagpur. The person from Nagpur came for the whereabouts of the same Lorry. This  Satyanarayana learnt and complained to the Police. The thief of a dacoits gang was arrested by the Police. Satyanarayana was informed by Police and he could recover half of the money.


Blessed Blessing :


Sai Baba gave directions to devotees during his avatar time. Devotees had joys and sorrows acting according to or contrary to the instructions. Similar are the experiences of devotees who follow Masterjee’s directions. The second son of Karuna Sri, Venkata Ramana along with his sister, after obtaining the blessings and Vibhuti packets given by Masterjee, had been to Vijayawada to attend  the examinations for B.Ed., degree being conducted by Annamalai University. He got a room reserved in a lodge in the Eluru Road near the examination center. But on arrival at the lodge, it was found the room was given to somebody and the advance was returned. With brisk searching a room in a small lodge was obtained. The night they rested and in the following morning, there was agitating crowds indulging in arson, firing and riotous agitation.  All the shops in the adjoining lodges were set on fire. But the lodge occupied by Ramana and his Sister were safe and in fact, curfew was clamped in the town of Vijayawada. This was all a sequel to the murder of Sri Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao. The lodge owner arranged food and shelter, well to Venkataramana and his sister. They were praying that it would be better if examinations were postponed. It happened, the examinations were postponed for a month later. This is the miracle which took place and Venkata Ramana and sister were saved because of the blessed blessings of Masterjee. Later on after a month they wrote the examination in Madras and Venkata Ramana passed in first class and his sister passed in second class.


Danger Averted :


Once Dr. Abdul  Majid planned to go to Bombay. He came to Tazuddin Baba to take his blessings before departure. Baba asked him to give up his journey, but Majid pleaded that he had to go urgently. Then Tazuddin Baba gave him a leaf picking it up from the ground and said “keep it with you. You will get welfare”. So saying he gave the Doctor his blessings. Dr. Abdul was crossing the railway track at Bhavasar when he noticed a racing rail engine towards him. In sheer shock he fell across the railway line. Everybody thought he was crushed. Something wonderful happened. The engine without brakes being applied came near Abdul and stopped. The leaf given by Baba acted as a protective talisman. It saved his life. Masterjee demonstrated that all Yogis have the same divine protecting power. Sri Madhavapeddy Nageswara Rao came to Masterjee for blessings before going on a long trip for picnic with college lecturers. Masterjee gave him a packet of medicated potentisied rice grains and desired to  keep them with him till he returns home from the tour. One day their bus was going on the mountainous region. The inmates of the bus were enjoying the beautiful scenic sights of nature. At that moment the driver lost control of the steering wheel and brakes did not work. The driver in panic raised a hue and cry. The passengers got panicky with fear and lost hopes on life. Miraculously the bus dashed against a tree on the side of the road and came to a stand halt. Nobody knew how it stopped. Had it not been for the tree’s obstruction, the inmates would have been reduced to bones and pieces. The bus was repaired and they continued the journey to Guntur safely. Sri M.Nageswara Rao came to Viswamandir, on return, narrated the danger they were in. Masterjee laughed and said that “in the journey the danger was averted. That was why I asked you to keep the packet of Akshatea with you in the pocket”. Then Nageswara Rao realized the omniscience of Masterjee.


Withdrawal of Case :


Sri Dasari Hanumantha Rao belonging to Brahmana Koduru got acquainted with Masterjee in 1988 through M.Ramaswamy. Previously, he was of the firm opinion that Yogis, Siddas and Mahatmas resided in Himalayas and forests and not in the midst of people. After seeing Masterjee, Hanumantha Rao was compelled to believe that Masterjee was actually “Sainath” of  Shirdi. Hanumantha Rao was serving as the President of Sri Venkateswara House Building Society. Sri Gudivada Bharat Mohan who was serving as President of Shantinagar House Building Society had a case jointly going in Supreme Court. The case pertained to all societies, involved in House Building. It came up for arguments in 1989. The lawyer in Delhi informed them to come to Delhi to give instructions. Both of them came to Masterjee to receive his blessings before leaving for Delhi. They could not find Masterjee in Viswamandir. The next day Sundarakanda recitation was conducted by Sivarama Krishna, the purohit of Viswamandir in Sri Hanumantha Rao’s house. Again they received a letter from Delhi. Noting its contents, they came to Viswamandir. At that time, Masterjee took over the illness of Mother Theresa on to himself and was resting. He directed them to communicate anything in writing a chit, through Smt. Eswari. Meanwhile Masterjee came out. Hanumantha Rao showed the letter from Delhi to Masterjee and prayed for his blessings. Masterjee predicted that they would win the case. He advised them to go to Delhi, and also advised them to constant Nama recitation or japa.


By the time Hanumantha Rao reached Delhi, he learnt that Chief Justice  of Supreme Court advised the Advocate of Societies to compromise on the issue. The advocate informed the same to Hanumantha Rao and asked him what to do. Hanumantha Rao was so confident of winning the case due to his faith in Masterjee’s plighted word and asked the societies advocate to proceed with the case. Returning home Hanumantha Rao began Nama Japa incessantly. The Chief Justice adjourned the hearing of the case, which he was previously refusing to do. By the time the case came up for arguments again, the Government of A.P. fell after elections. The Congress party Government later withdraw the case from the Supreme Court. Hanumantha Rao came to realise how effective are the words of Yogis. Through his experience he realized Viswamjee’s words are prophetic.


Stolen Property Recovered :


Dasari Hanumantha Rao’s son-in-law, Konteti Siva Krishna Varaprasad was working in Hyderabad as engineer. Hanumantha Rao and his wife, had been to Hyderabad to see their daughter Sailaja and son-in-law. Two or three days after, thieves broke into the house of Sri Hanumantha Rao in Guntur and robbed sizable amount of property. Returning to Guntur, Hanumantha Rao rushed to Masterjee and narrated the woeful story. Masterjee predicted that the thief would be caught, jewels would be recovered but not the cash. After six months the thief was caught. Two thirds of the stolen gold was recovered.


Another incident of this type happened in Ananda Tirtha Agraharam of Guntur. One Parameswara Rao was residing opposite to the house of Masterjee in A.T.Agraharam, was working in a Tobacco company. His son Subba Rao attained proficiency in modelling. He worked as a volunteer in Viswamandir. The idols of Krishna and Saraswati in Viswanagar were made by him. Parameswara Rao and his wife, one day, had been to Nagarjuna Sagar to visit his daughter. Son, Subba Rao, was entrusted with the house, its safety and responsibility. Sri Subba Rao daily goes out at 10’o clock and returns at 4’o clock from work. He kept his house locked during this time. One day, there was cyclonic storm atmosphere with rain, gale and wind. There was not much of traffic on the road. Subba Rao was away from home. During day time, thieves broke into the house, stole away T.V., Fan, Iron box, some cash and two silver padukas blessed and presented by Masterjee. Subba Rao returned home. Knowing of the theft in his house, he went to Masterjee who predicted that T.V, Fan etc would be recovered and not the other items of cash and silver. “He give a report to the police. The thief would be caught” was the direction given by Masterjee to Subba Rao.


He did accordingly. After seven months in Anantapur, Police caught the thief selling the TV and took over all the items stolen. The padukas given by Masterjee were recovered. TV, Fan etc., were also recovered. That has been the clairvoyant foreknowledge of Masterjee.


Totality of Divine Forms:


Ekkirala Ananata Krishna, son of Sri Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya came to Viswamandiram to have darshan of Masterjee. That day Masterjee was in a jubilant mood. Such inexplicable happiness and so much joy were not seen in Masterjee’s face previously. Masterjee’s joyful mood was comparable to that of a Father ready to welcome a son, who left his house long time ago. Fatherly love and affection overflowed in Masterjee’s visage as he beheld Ananta Krishna. As Ananta Krishna entered Viswamandir, Masterjee held him to his bosom and made him sit next to him. Masterjee looked at the bandage on Ananta Krishna’s leg. Ananta Krishna on being asked said it was a dog-bite. Immediately Masterjee took the leg of Ananta Krishna on to his lap, opened the bandage and rubbed in and around the wound softly with his fingers. Masterjee asked Ananta Krishna “is it paining”. “No pain is getting reduced” replied Ananta Krishna. Masterjee fondled him with the filial love of a father and Ananta Krishna shed tears of joy and gratitude. There upon Masterjee said that the wound would be healed in two or three days and instructed him not to walk too much distance or frequently.  Having said thus, Masterjee closed his eyes went into a prayerful mood, opened his eyes after some time, rubbed Vibhuti in and around the wound and bandaged the leg. This blissful sight of a father figure dressing a wounded and affectionate son was witnessed by many devotees with ecstatic wonder. Sri Vidyasagara Sarma one of the un-locking devotees addressed “Ananta Krishna, you are an adept of devotion, you must have learnt by now that your father was by your side in the person of Masterjee”. Ananta Krishna nodded acceptance to the observation of Vidyasagara Sarma. He shed tears of joy looking at Masterjee. His eyes were bedewed with tears. To all in attendance at that time it became clear that Masterjee was the totality of divine forms.


Appeared as Lord Dattatreya:


In 1992, April, Masterjee went to Visakapatnam at the graceful invitation of Smt Lakshmi and Sambasiva Rao, along with daughter and son-in-law of Smt Valluri Savitramma, Smt Savitramma, her second daughter Durga, and Sri Valluri Rama Murthy. They performed pada puja of Masterjee at Vizag. Masterjee was resting in a room. The doors were closed. Smt Durga came to the half-closed doors and looked in, to see what Masterjee was doing. Her whole body shook and shivered. She was filled with bliss supreme. She could not know whether she was in a dream or awakened state. In the room instead of Masterjee, Lord Dattatreya with three heads, six hands and attired in saffron robes gave darshan to Smt Durga. She could then reap the food store of merits of her service to Masterjee.


In by gone time, Shirdi Sai Baba strove incessantly for forgoing unity between Hindus and Muslims in a big way. Similarly Masterji made endeavors and is striving to bring about unity of all human race. In his devotees there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains. Having given appearance or darshan as Shirdi Sai, Masterji reinforced the faith of all devotees that he is universal Sai(Viswa sai0 and declared himself as such.


“This Viswa Sai is the bestower of Love and Peace, for all the inhabitants of Mother Earth. He is the benefactor of bliss. He is verily the Sesha Sai, who reclined on the thousand-hooded sesha. He is the Mother-origin of nectarine happiness, and he annihilates all sorrow creating Supreme joy in the heart.”



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