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(Universal Vision)


“Now I am staying here. Take along my photo…, the photo of Sridhar Maharaj, give them to VISWAMBHARA”. Gurudev Sri Dattatreya Wadekar commanded Vidyasagar Sarma in his dream.


It was in the month of January 1986, when Vidyasagar Sarma was working as Principal of the Government Degree College at Mandhani in Karimnagar District. He is not merely brother to Sri Viswayogi Viswamji Maharaj but was also co-disciple initiated to Mantra Deeksha at the same time auspicious moment by the same Guru along with him. The perplexed and confused Vidyasagar Sarma asked, “WHO IS THAT VISWAMBHARA”?. Staring into the eyes of Vidyasagar Sarma for a moment. Sridhar Maharaj with a smile said “Don’t you know who is VISWAMBHARA! Your brother –Viswam!”. Then it flashed to his mind that while they were at Jadcherla, he used to call his brother Viswambhara. Further to his astonishment he heard some more secrets from Gurudev.


As soon as the summer vacation commenced, he went along with family and the photos to the rented room in Railpet in Guntur, where Viswamji was staying for the last 15 years. Seeing Vidyasagar Sarma for the first time at the rented room, that too along with family, Viswamji with pleasant surprise remarked “What! Have you come here” pretending ignorance. “Guruji asked me to give those photos to you. I have come accordingly”. Saying thus he gave the two photos to Masterji, he took them with reverence, performed pooja to them, gave Harati and placed them at the altar. Feeling the all pervading peaceful atmosphere there and having been aware of the surging waves of superconsiousness in his heart and the divine experiences, as soon as he stepped into the room, Sarma understood that it was definitely the place of his Guru (as his Guru told him) and that every atom there was completely surcharged with the power of Gurudev. Thereafter in Nov 1987, Sri Sarma was transferred to Manthena. He took charge there and immediately left for Guntur to have the darshan of Sri Viswamji for the second time. The second day of return from Guntur he had a peculiar experience, in a dream Viswamji gave darshan as Sri Shirdi Sainath; Sarma’s body ……. And he woke up. Though saidatta disappeared from his vision, the resultant bliss of that darshan did not dwindle even a little bit and in that ecstasy the following poem rolled from  his lips


             Anadha nadha nadhya Adhivyadhi Harayacha

               Viswandhara Vasaya Sai Dattayate Namaha

              Sidharajaya Sidhaya devaya paramatmane

             Viswamandira Vasaya Sai Dattayate namaha

             Satchidananda Bodhya Nirgunaya Gunatmane

            Viswamandira Vasaya Bhakta priyaya Deveya

 Baktananda Pradayacha Viswa………………………………………..

           Edam stotram mahadivayam Viswamangaladayakam

           Papthe Niyato Bhaktya Sai Datta Priyobhaveth”


Immediately he perused it and sent it next day by post offering it to the divine lotus feet.


       Whenever Vidyasagar Sarma went to Viswamji, the latter used to give Akshatas to Sarma and with folded hands bow his head with humility as if to bless him. Accordingly Sarma used to bless him by placing Akshatas on Masterji’s head. But Sarma never did Namaskar to Viswamji. As aged and enlightened people were coming and going after doing Namaskar to the lotus feet of the Master, Viswamji appeared to Sarma, not as Viswamji but as the embodiment of Gurudeva. In the very next moment due to the power of Maya-Masterji seemed to be his brother. Due to the death of his father at an early age, Masterji was reared and bought up by Sarma. As such his ego stood in the way of prostrating before Masterji’s feet. At the same time Sarma was eagerly waiting, as to when that fortune of touching the lotus feet would smile on him, and for that moment when Masterji appearing, as Sai Datta would bless him and erase his ego. It did not take much time for that auspicious moment to dawn. It was the month of Ashadha, 1988 when Masterji sent the invitation to Smt. and Sri Vidyasagar Sarma to attend the proposed

Hanumath Jayanti. The couple attended the function at Anna Srinivas Rao Kalyana Mandapam at Guntur. Four to five hundred couples were seated in rows. Pooja was performed to all the couples on a grand scale. Smt. and Sri Vidyasagar Sarma were seated in the first row. Masterji went round, line after line, performing pooja with all devotion and meticulous care to each couple by placing flowers, Akshatas and sprinkling scented rose water on them. Oh! It was an exhilarating sight for everyone to see and feel Lord Datta himself in human form performing pooja to couples, as an ordinary human being! It was reminiscent of that scene when Lord Krishna presiding over Rajasuyayaga of Pandavas, worshipped the groups of Brahmin visitors by washing their feet! some praised Viswamji’s action on “Yogah Karmastu Kowsalam” meaning “Skill in action is Yoga” and applauded it as the Divine play. Some others began to think that Masterji was performing this only for being emulated by us “Yadat acharate Srestahah, Tattadeve taro Janah”(People will follow what the best among them do). After going through all rows worshipping all the couples, Masterji came to the first row. On one side a volunteer was standing with a plate full of flowers in his hands, while on the otherside karunasri Dr Jandhyala Papaiah Sastry was standing with all devotion. Karunasri took the flowers from the plate with both the hands and started sprinkling them on Masterji’s head. Masterji was all divine bliss with closed eyes. The flower bath thus performed on Masterji, was feast to the eyes for the spectators there! “Oh! You are proud of your pilgrimage from Cape Comarin to Himalayas! Your ego knew no bounds with the pride of having visited all Datta Kshestras and having done the Datta Mantra Japa with all severity and intensity! Alas! You are not able to recognize the person visible before your own eyes and see what is happening to your gnana? Getup open your eyes and see what is happening before you.” Datta Prabhu warned. Thus felt Sarma at that moment. With a sudden jerk he stared at the Master. His eyes were unusually and infinitely bright (studded with lightening of thousand rays of crystalline brightness). That was all. He was neither physically conscious nor in a position to be aware of what he was doing. An emotional super consciousness- an inexplicable and unpreached divine experience-a state of unmatta possesses him-His entire body was in ecstasy. Immediately he got up from his seat in a spurt, went to the Master suddenly embraced him and with a shriveling voice saying “DATTA DATTA” with tears rolling down his cheeks, he dropped down on Master’s feet. H got up after a while took the remaining flowers from the plate and placed them on the head of Masterji. Doing thus he again dropped on Master’s feet. This peculiar behavior of Vidyasagar Sarma was being watched by all the people there. Meanwhile Sarma’s emotional fervor subsided and he became a normal man. He felt shy at what he did in the presence of so many onlookers with head bent, he slowly walked to his seat and sat there. It is indeed a memorable occasion for Vidyasagar Sarma who shedding the ego of brotherhood, touched the Master’s feet for the first time. Inspite of such a happening, the thought that his actions on the occasion might be a result of illusion or temporary mental imbalance did not, however, leave him. The unstinted faith that Masterji is an Avatar of Datta did not yet take deep roots in him. On the one hand he thought that he was none other than his younger brother. Thus he was in two minds being unable either to compromise or to decide one way or the other. As a last resort he wanted to test Masterji and get his faith confirmed. In responsive sequence Masterji exhibited several divine actions.


One night when Vidyasagar Sarma was fast asleep in his house at Madhira, Masterji patted him and woke him up and said “Get up compose poetry on me. I wish to hear”. In that dream itself Sarma composed extempore some poems and woke up. Masterji disappeared. Afterwards he wished to compose a poem with the theme contained in the Mantra “Om Sri Sai Ram Gurudeva Datta” that Masterji gave to the world with all obliviate all ills and bestow the fulfillment of all desirable desires. Alas! He could not conceive a poem. “Om Sri Sai Ram Gurudeva Datta” did not fit in any poetic meter. Sarma who is capable of composing with ease 10 to 15 verses an hour could not compose even single line in a poem, inspite of his struggle for three days. He was bewildered at his stance. He began to search for the cause and at last, it became vaguely perceptible. The verses were composed in the dream were not by him. Viswamji, the metamorphosis form of the trio i.e., the combination of the powers of volition, knowledge and action, articulated the verses through him. With the disappearance of the form of Viswamji the power that composed the poems too vanished. He could not get at the truth that the ego “I am composing the poems” was the hurdle. Realizing his misconception, he went to the photo of Masterji and lit up a scented stick. Immediately the verse involuntarily gushed out from his voice in extempore as follows:


‘Priyam Sreyam Gurpanichitive “Om Sri Sai Ram” Mantram

Dayathodan “Gurudeva Datta” Nanu Sandhaninchi Bhaktalikin

Niyamumbooni Japinchi Varalaku Santinchen Manahkshobhamul

Bhayamul Vedenu, Neevugalga Gurudevaa! Lotu Vatillunei”


He named his verses as “Pushpanjali” and offered them to the lotus feet of the Master. Those whose wish to read them may see “ Sri Viswadatta Vrata Kalpaka”, a booklet released on the 48 th birthday celebrations of Viswamji.


He retired from services in 1990 and returned to Guntur to his own house. The Jayanti of Sri Vasudevanada Saraswati (popularly known as Tombay Swamy) falls on Ashda Bahula Panchami- Vidyasagar Sarma translated the Marathi version of Tombay Swamy’s biography into Telugu. A volition occurred to him after he came to Guntur to do Saptha Parayana of that biography completing it by the Jayanti day. Even though it was four years since he had translated that book, at no time the thought of Saptha Parayana occurred to him. Thinking that it was the volition given by Datta himself and that Viswamji was but the Avatar of Datta, Sarma went to Masterji and after expressing his desire, prayed “Grant me permission”. “Where do you wish to do that Parayana?” questioned Viswamji, Sarma replied “When ever you wish me to do it”. Then do it in the morning at your house and in the evening at Viswamandir”…. Masterji told Sarma.  Accordingly Parayanam took place from 4 th to 10 th Aug both at his house as well as at Viswamandir. On 11 th of Aug Masterji celebrated Sri Vasudeananda’s Jayanti at Viswamandir and Sri Acharya Kathapalli Subrahmanyam …..presided over the meeting. During the days of parayana a peculiar incident happened. On 9 th Aug when Sarma was doing parayana of the 31 st chapter at his house in the morning, in that Vakratunda was giving exposition on a scripture at Unnamala village in Narasobawada. By the way he said that in Kaliyuga there are three Dattavatars, one that of Sri Pada Vallabha, the other Sri Narasimha Saraswati and the third Yogiraj among the three, two there already over and as to the third one-“he is in front of us” he said pointing out to Sri Vasudevananda Saraswati who was seated in front of him. Then Vasudevnanda said, “Much time has to pass away before the advent of Yogiraj Avatar. Don’t make such wild remarks on me”. While reading this part of the biography thus, he felts that somebody questioned him “ Do you know who is Yogiraj”, “Myself” the word flashed in the mind itself. “Viswamji is the Avatar of Yogiraj” again the divine voice was heard. The astonished Vidyasagar Sarma questioned “How to believe it when so may Siddha Purushas, Yogis, Mahatmas are there?”. No answer came from above. Then Sarma decided to test the Master and judge for himself the validity of the above statement.


While he was doing Parayanam at Viswamandir, Masterji used to sit in front of him and listen. “If Masterji comes and sits on the dais while I am reading this part of the chapter, then I would believe Masterji as the Avatar of Yogiraj”. He made up his mind thus.


On that day when he commenced Parayanam at Viswamandir, Vsiwamji who used to sit in front of him was not present in the Viswamandir. While going out he instructed the persons there “Tell him to start Parayanam as usual”. Even after one hour there was no trace of his coming. That part of the chapter at which he contemplated so much to happen had come up for reading. He read “The Avatar of Sri Pada Vallabha is over” Viswamji entered, from the back room of the dais in the hall where Parayanam was going on. He read “The Avatar of Sri Narasimha Saraswati also passed away”-Viswamji came to the dais and sat by the side of Vidyasagar Sarma. Sarma’s joy knew no bounds-in an excited mood Sarma with full-throated voice shouted out “Viswayogi is the Avatar of Yogiraj-the avatar, which Vasudevananda said that it was yet to come, had indeed come. Dattavatar Vasudevanda Saraswati had come again in the form of Viswayogi –“Satchitananda Swarup Sri Viswayogi Maharaj Ki jai”. Then and there Sarma was blessed with the understanding of the secret, not only that, Sri Viswamji was the divine aspect of the joint of the ten Avatara of Datta i.e., Yogiraj, but also the truth that Gurudev Dattaraya Wadekar on one day at Jadcherla, by way of initiating Viswamji to the Mantra embedded meditative sloka “Namaste Yogi Rajendra……..” had practically transmitted divine power of Yogiraj to Masterji.


The experiences of Sri Vidyasagar Sarma did not come to an end with that, another incident happened to substantiate that Viswamji was in truth Datta Prabhu himself. In the previous Ashram Masterji used to come to his house every year on Vinayak Chaviti, Mahalaya Amavasya and on the anniversary day of his father. On Vinayaka Chaviti day Masterji performs pooja in the house, gives satisfaction mother and receive her blessings. That was when mother was alone his house. Now all were there in the house. There was a lingering doubt whether Masterji would come to the house even now. So Sarma went to Masterji and entreated him “Do come, to the house on Vinayaka Chavati as usual. Mother will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. That day is your Jayanti too” recalling the fact that the birthday of Sri Pada Vallabha falls in Vinayaka Chavati. Masterji nodded his head in token of acceptance but did not indicate at which time he would be present nor did Sarma raise that point. On Vinayaka Chviti day after making the preparation required for pooja, they were awaiting the arrival of Masterji Sarma was in a dilemma whether to commence pooja or not. He did not commence it lest he should have to get up in the middle of the pooja to receive Masterji. In the meanwhile his eldest son Dattu started playing a cassette on Datta Vishnu Sahasranama. Even that was over. It was 10’o clock past. At that moment Sarma had a volition. “Start pooja” as if somebody was telling him like that. Pooja was started. It was over. After reading the Vinayaka Vrata Kadha, they were waiting for Masterji’s arrival for Mahanaivedyam. Suddenly it flashed to their memory, the cassette, they brought from Gangapur. So they played it on. Sarma willed “If Masterji is really the Avatar of Datta, he would come before cassette is over”. The last song “Digambara, Digambara” was commenced, a car stopped at the gate, while the song Digambara Digambara” was going on Masterji stepped into the house along with Acharya Sri Gogineni Kanakaiah, Sri Ramakoteswara Rao and Kumari Madhuri. On seeing the power of Sri Pada Vallabha while the whole house was reverberating with Namasankeetrtan of Sri Pada Vallabha, Sarma’s body, he said to himself “Dhanysome” (I am blessed) with this instance Sarma’s faith that Masterji is Datta Avatar became firmly stabilized Even after that Masterji several times by several means both by percept and example brought home to Sarma about his all knowing, all pervading and indwelling nature in all living beings. Thereby he increased the faith in Sarma. One day along with other devotees Sarma was squatting in Viswamandiram awaiting the arrival of Masterji. By his side were seated Sri Valluru Jagannadha Rao, Sri Akella Manikya Murthy and some others, who are the subjects of special grace of Masterji. For timepass, conversing with them Sarma said “This is my Guru’s abode. Viswamji was speaking out what I was contemplating in my mind. He was fructifying my wishes. One year back I contemplated and thought that it would be in the fitness of things if somebody designs a picture of Viswayogi in a meditative posture with the backdrop of Shirdi Sai Baba and Datta Parbhu. Before the lapse of two months from that date, there was such a photo in Viswamandir. He continued further. At one time our people never believed the existence of subtle body does exist every one had had to believe it. Our casual body exists in Devaloka. Well in advance of few months before the diseases attack the other body. Thereafter only the physical body falls down. In Bhagavat Geeta, Lord Krishna said to Arjuna “The warriors like Bhisma were already killed by me”, it amply endorses the above concept. The novel experience in this context was that after half an hour Masterji came there and squatted on the dais and exhorted the people there, on casual, subtle and physical bodies and Kirlian photography exactly on the same lines Sarma talked about just before. Not being able to get satisfied with the series of experiences he had one after another, Sarma was enthused to know the experiences of some of the co-devotees. He interviewed some of them. As he was doing on hearing their experience, layer after layer of his ignorance began to peel off. He arrived at the truth that the gist of all their experiences is one and the same. The hitherto lingering doubt that if he starts writing Masterji’s biography people may think “Because he is his brother, he is analyzing much” was shattered and enlightenment dawned on him. Who is the elder brother? Who is the younger? At one time he may be elder to him. Today he is a humble disciple of Viswamji enjoying the bliss at his feet with rich experiences. There were none who were more informed about the details of the biography of the Master of his past Ashram than him. It is not only that Sarma felt that Viswayogi Viswamji willed to have his autobiography and for that purpose he made him an instrument for the same bestowing fresh energy to Sarma. Feeling thus Sarma bundled out all his doubts, shed off his ego, placed all the burden on the shoulders of Viswamji, with humble submission and humility commenced working of the biography. This is the true biography of an younger brother written by his elder brother. This is the biography pertaining to a co-disciple who got transformed into embodiment of power by dint of his severe and intense Sadhana. This is the biography told by a co-disciple who after extensive and deep search brought forth the rich diamonds of the sacred secrets of spiritual life. This is the successful expedition of a disciple who pined for Darshan of his powerful enlightened Guru. This is an Akshayapatra, filled with Ambrosia of bliss enjoyed by a devotee by the Darshan of Bhagawan. This is “THE VISWA GURU CHARITRA” presented to the world as a worthy memoir by Vidyasagar Sarma who is altogether a different personality today.   Those who go through the book, will have the understanding to some extent of what Viswayogi is and shall have to accept him as their path tender.



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