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Divine March for Universal Integration & Peace

Divine March - Road Trip

Sep 1st to Sep 11th 2007

Divine March Road Trip Pictures Slideshow


Seattle, W.A to Washington D.C

To commemorate the five years of Divine March in the United States and by Divine will, Swamiji willed to undertake a road trip from West Coast to East Coast, starting Sep 1st to Sep 11th 2007, from Seattle, WA, the technology capital to Washington DC, the political capital of the United States, traveling almost 3800 miles, touching all the places on the route, to strengthen the land, to meet with people of all sections of society and to spread His message of Peace and Love. During this trip Swamiji flew for a day to United Nations, New York, for a conference on Global Warming.

Swamiji reached Seattle, WA on the 31st August and began His Road Trip from Seattle, WA on the September 1st 2007, with His Divine Message especially to the youth, in the Issaquah Public Library, WA. Swamiji urged the children of the world to work for world peace, and made them pledge to support his mission and work for peace. Swamiji conveyed that He is very happy to start this journey from Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C, the capital city of USA, to unite all the people and try for national & world peace. Swamiji started the march with the slogan - "Arise, Awake and Unite to bring peace", and said that through the children He would make the world peaceful. Swamiji has said that there is no danger to America, and that America should be the strongest country so that it can bring all the other countries together and bring world peace. Swamiji conveyed His Divine Blessings to everyone on this occasion.

Following were the places covered in the 11 days that followed, that Swamiji visited and blessed. Wherever He went he urged people to join him in His mission of peace to make the world a better place and an abode of peace.

 During the visit to Portland, Swamiji visited the Oregon State University, Corvallis on the evening of September 1st and delivered his divine discourse there.

 On 2nd September, on the way to Idaho, Swamiji stopped by and visited the Multnoma falls in the Portland area and reached Idaho by 2nd night.  In Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah Swamiji addressed public meetings and blessed audiences. From Salt Lake City on the 4th morning Swamiji flew to New York for a day to attend the United Nations conference on global warming, and returned to St. Joseph, Missouri on the 5th evening.  On the 6th Swamiji reached Springfield, Illinois and reached Urbana, by night. Public functions were organized in both places and Swamiji was given a warm welcome. On the 7th Swamiji reached Columbus, Ohio, via Indianapolis, Indiana.

 On the 8th morning Swamiji reached Pittsburgh, PA where Viswa Shanti Kalyanam was performed in the Venketeswara temple, to bring about world peace. Swamiji spent the night in Youngstown, Ohio. There he addressed a big gathering in the Lakshmi Narayan temple.

 On the 9th morning Swamiji reached York, PA from there He went to Harrisburgh, PA and addressed a public meeting at the country club, where he met with people of all religions. International Peace confederation and Interreligious awarded Swamiji with Ambassador for Peace award, for Swamiji’s contribution to the society.  The Harrisburgh, PA city council also presented Swamiji an award for His contributions.

 After staying in York in the night, where he addressed another public gathering, Swamiji reached Virginia on the 10th evening and performed Viswa Shanti Kalyanam and Shanti homam for world peace.

 The road trip ended with a grand celebration in Washington D.C, which was attended by senior officials of US Institute of peace, National Institute of peace and other social and government organizations.   Swamiji gave awards to Dr. David Smock and Mr. Qamar of the US Institute of Peace and Dr. Kenner Rice of NIH and Dr. Deschamp of Naval Research organization, Washington D.C. for their contributions to society and foster harmony and bring about peace. Swamiji also honored and gave awards to many citizens who have been rendering services to the society in different ways.


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