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October 2009   

November 2009

This Month Features:

Thanksgiving Day Message, November 26th 2009




Swamiji has conveyed His Divine Blessings to all on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day.

Swamiji has said that on this day we have to thank and express gratitude to the Supreme Mother Adi Parashakti who has created the entire creation and the nature by Her divine will. 

We have to have gratitude for the Mother who has kept us in her womb for nine months and given birth to us and after that taken care of us when we did not know anything. The mother is the first Guru for every individual and it is our duty to satisfy and keep the mother happy. The father also has to be thanked for all the hard work he does to bring us up and provides education and works to give us all the comforts in life. We have to also thank the Guru who guides us at every stage in life and takes care and gives us love of million mothers and also protects us. We have to thank God for giving us everything.

So the thanks giving day is the day to thank Mother, Father, Guru & God. We have to help each other and thank each other, and unite and make this earth an abode of love and peace, this is the only way we can thank the Supreme Mother Adi Parashakti.



The essence of this article: In reality politics means to find a solution to a problem very peacefully, with equanimity, without  war and without even a drop of blood shed,  at a moment when  war and lot of blood shed seem inevitable to find a solution.