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(Updated June 15 2014)


Thought for the Day

ewnMedical Camp in Viswanagar, July 20 2014

Guru Poornima Celebrations in Viswanagar, July 12 2014 : Pictures

Swamiji's Divine Discourse on Guru Poornima , July 12th 2014

In reality politics means to find a solution to a problem very peacefully, with equanimity, without violence and without even a drop of blood shed, at a moment when violence and lot of blood shed seem inevitable to find a solution. That kind of politics should come in India and in the world to make the whole world powerful and peaceful. Politics is not about bringing unrest in a peaceful place. Our Sanaatana Dharma has also preached "Viswa Sreyas dharma", so also politics should benefit the society, otherwise it is not politics but a state of disorder and confusion. For every problem there is a solution. For every question there is an answer. For every disease there is a cure. We have to find it with patience. Confusion, violence and vengeance is not advisory, only through love and mutual help we can make the country and world powerful and peaceful.

--- Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

Awake, Arise and Unite to Protect the Mother Earth.

Swamiji has conveyed His Divine Blessings to every one and said "I am with you, I was with you and I will always be with you." Swamiji has conveyed that March 5th 2014 is a turning point, and from this day the power in Him will be used 100% to fulfill the purpose for which Swamiji has come to this world, and will be dedicated to the society. To make India strong physically, mentally and financially should be our goal and Swamiji has urged everyone to make his goal as our goal. Swamiji has asked every one to be ready to follow the orders of the Master. Remember the Eka Sloki Geetha:
Yatra Yogeswara Krishno, Yatra Partho Dhanurdhara,
Tatra Sree Vijoyo bhuthir, dhruva nitir matir mama.
Where Lord Krishna is there to give orders and where Arjuna is waiting to take the orders there success is certain. Just like a soldier who does not have any other thought while fighting, we too should be ready to follow the orders of Guru. Our aim should be to bring peace to the world, keep the earth pure and make it a heaven.


Thought for the Day





Self Confidence is the best confidence
Self Discipline is the best discipline
Self Control is the best control.
Self Satisfaction is the best satisfaction.
Self Realization is the best realization.
There is only one God and He is omnipotent and omnipresent.
There is only one caste the caste of humanity.
There is only one language the language of the heart.
There is only one religion the religion of Love.

There is only one law the law of duty.


His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

The Flowers which blossom in Viswanagar must exude the fragrance of LoveWith such flowering Mother Earth should be enveloped with ecstatic bliss. This is the world of Viswayogi, the illumined way.

flowflowflowflowDedicated to The Divine Lotus Feet



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Swamiji's Srilanka Tour : Pictures
(Updated April 19th 2014)
Swamiji Discourse Videos

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The Universe & the Earth are composed of the five elements namely soil, water, air, fire and space. Imbalance among the five elements and their pollution is causing natural calamities and other problems for the earth and the world. As we all know, Swamiji has been in Diksha since last year and has been taking upon himself to bring peace to the world, the earth and the universe. Only the yogic power has been protecting the Earth from the recent solar storms also. Swamiji participated in the Birthday Celebrations on the 5th March, within 12 hours of medical surgery. Looking back now we understand the reason as to why Swamiji had conveyed even before the Birthday Celebrations about his being in Diksha and the physical suffering He was undergoing. Swamiji has been taking upon Himself the karmic doshas of all the people and the karmic doshas of the world. Swamiji has again blessed everyone and said that all the people are his own blood and flesh he is very much touched by the love and affection showered on him and added, "I am one member of your family, and each one of you has a secure place in My Heart." It is our duty to be grateful to our Guru and unite and work to fulfill his mission and goal and be prepared to take any order from Him at any time. - March 7th 2012

Swamiji has conveyed His divine Blessings to all and said that he is currently performing severe penance and diksha so one need not be disappointed if He does not answer your phone calls. Swamiji's divine blessings are always there, and chanting OM SRI SAI RAM GURUDEVA DATTA will help you find solutions to your problems.

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