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Whats New

(Updated August 16th 2015)

Thought for the Day

Guru Poornima Celebrations in Viswanagar : July 31st 2015 : Pictures

Swamiji conveyed His Divine Blessings to all on ocassion of Shravana Poornima and Raksha Bandhan, August 29th 2015

Swamiji is in Guntur and has conveyed His Divine Blessings
(Click to see Pictures at Vijayawada Airport and at Viswamandiram, Guntur

Divine March
Updated August 26th 2015

Divine March 2015 Video Clips
(Updated August 26th 2015)

(Click to View)

Swamiji at Chicago Airport before leaving for India, August 26th 2015

Swamiji has reached Guntur, India on August 28th 2015

Swamiji  has conveyed  His Divine Blessings to everyone and has conveyed that due to the Universal Divine Will and Order, He is shortening his Divine March 2015

Though he is physically leaving the USA, Swamiji has conveyed that "I am with You, I was with You and I will be with You" . Swamiji has urged everyone to be prepared to take his divine orders and to unite and work together for his mission and goal, especially for the Hospital and services to rural areas.

Swamiji said that every devotee should visit at least once a day to keep connection with Swamiji.

Gnana Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam an Inspiration for global youth passes away
A great shock to the nation
(Click for more details .....and scroll down to view Swamiji's message )

Swamiji has expressed sorrow and shock on the passing away of Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Swamiji has conveyed that Abdul Kalam a self made man is a Karmayogi who got name and fame to the  post of the President of India. His death is a great loss to the nation and the world, Swamiji added.  Swamiji has said that APJ Abdul Kalam has merged in the Universal Lord and has no rebirth. Swamiji has often said that APJ Abdul Kalam is the Bhishmacharya of the Universal family. It is very easy for us to have a place for Swamiji in   our heart, but it is difficult to find a permanent place in Swamiji's heart. APJ Abdul Kalam has earned a permanent place in Swamiji's heart.  Abdul Kalam dreamt of India with educated youth who would lead India to success and glory and bring fame to India in all fields of Life. Even after retirement he wanted to be close to children and teach them, and he collapsed addressing students in Indian Institute of Management in Shillong.  The real respect we can offer to Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam is by educating and transforming each and every child in India, and unite and make India the greatest and strongest country in the world in every respect, as desired and envisioned  by him

As we all know Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam inaugurated the VIMS Mother and Child Care Hospital
on April 3rd 2008 and accepted to be the Honorary Chairman of VIMS.

Swamiji has said that this year Guru Poornima celebrations will be dedicated to the memory of Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam - "Smrityanjali"

Swamiji's Message on passing away of Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam

Andhra Bhoomi Article :June 17th 2015 with translation

Swamiji has conveyed during the Birthday Celebrations that in-patient services in the VIMS Mother & Child Hospital will be started very soon, and said that time has come for devotees to unite and work towards Swamiji's mission and provide medical aid to the poor and needy in whatever way they can.


Self Confidence is the best confidence
Self Discipline is the best discipline
Self Control is the best control.
Self Satisfaction is the best satisfaction.
Self Realization is the best realization.
There is only one God and He is omnipotent and omnipresent.
There is only one caste the caste of humanity.
There is only one language the language of the heart.
There is only one religion the religion of Love.

There is only one law the law of duty.


His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj

The Flowers which blossom in Viswanagar must exude the fragrance of LoveWith such flowering Mother Earth should be enveloped with ecstatic bliss. This is the world of Viswayogi, the illumined way.

Dedicated to The Divine Lotus Feet



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Thought for the Day

Swamiji's Divine Discourse on Guru Poornima : July 31st 2015 , DFW, Temple, Dallas, TX

Swamiji's Divine Discourse on Guru Poornima : July 30th 2015
DFW, Temple, Dallas, TX

Medical Camp in Viswanagar, August 16th 2015 : Pictures

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Swamiji has conveyed His divine Blessings to all and said that he is currently performing severe penance and diksha so one need not be disappointed if He does not answer your phone calls. Swamiji's divine blessings are always there, and chanting OM SRI SAI RAM GURUDEVA DATTA will help you find solutions to your problems.

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